Tomorrow is Another Day

Ever have one of those days where you are physically and mentally tired, yet your mental faculties refuse to shut up?

It keeps on whirring and whirring and whirring and whirring…

These Steps...

…I’m having one of those nights.

This pic is part of a larger set but SL was being mean to me today and I gave up. It is finished but for ONE finishing touch that I need from a particular store, but of course SL choose to log me out then for ‘maintanence’. Ah, the beauty of Tuesdays rolling restarts. Haha.

I’m aiming to get it out either tomorrow or day after, so the credits will come then. 🙂 Basically, the sets you see here are from Alouette, A&A, Kuro, Trompe Loeil, Commoner and Storax Tree. The house is {vespertine}’s metamorphosis. You will forgive me if I don’t link at this moment. Tomorrow, I shall.

Real life rambles to follow, so I’m slapping an ‘after the cut’ tag here. Feel free to read my inner demon, but if you don’t, we shall say our goodbyes here and I wish you an easier day than I had. ❤

A somewhat frustrating day today. A long day at work but feeling like it has achieved nothing. Everyone felt this way today. I guess there are certain things that even teamwork cannot overcome.

But hey, tomorrow is another day to battle. 🙂

I was so motivated to do a bit of work at home tonight, I wanted to get some things done ahead. So I had an early dinner, napped for an hour and woke up, ready to rumble! But in my eagerness to leave the office earlier, I forgot to bring home the files I needed. 😀 One step forward, ten steps backward. Haha.

Because of this, I had made a long list of things to do tomorrow, and my brain hasn’t stopped ‘working’. As I type this, it is 3am. So not only will I be busy tomorrow, I will be cranky to boot.

I have serious caffeine addiction, and it’s worse than coffee. I don’t drink coffee, I think it tastes vile. But I down cans and cans of energy drink which is really only diluted sugar. >_< I’m really trying to kick this habit, diabetes runs in the family but everytime I try I get maddening headache at work. The only solution is to get a full night sleep, but I haven’t had a proper night sleep since…oh, forever?

SL has strangely been a bit of a blessing for a noisy mind. Most of the time, I’m wide awake about work reasons. But there are times when I’m wide awake because somehow, an image of a serpent’s head on a goat’s body pops into my head, and suddenly I’d be writing a whole story about it…in my head. Why is he a goat? How did he end up with a snake head? How is that even freaking possible?

And this stream of thought will happen until it’s daylight and time to go to work.

Are you scared of me yet? XD

What SL has done for me is satisfy this visually. So now I could get out of bed, turn it on and go look for a serpent head and a goat’s avatar…and then maybe when I put those together I’d see how shit the idea was and I’d forget about it and then my mind will shut up about it. LOL

This happens a lot now, which is why you see me popping in and out at strange hours. I have a lot of pictures on my Flickr, most of which you see here. Would you believe me if I say that what you see is only 20% of what I have?

There are stories written that doesn’t make it to this blog, interior themes that deals with my inner demon that won’t see the light of day (lol) and fashion styling that will make you think I must have been raised by Cerberus and Medusa.

Or maybe you will, hopefully, think I’m just a normal SL-er trying to silence her imagination with imagery. Haha.  Because what’s the point of being in a creative, virtual world without stretching one’s creativity? Especially when you have a noisy brain!

How do you silence a brain? We think we possess this brain and we think we control our mind, but most times doesn’t it feel like we are slaves to it? The puppet to our brain. It’s the nerve center of our system, the decision maker, the calculator, the analytical tool, the risk-and-benefits algorithm computer…there are times I battle insomnia by treating my mind as a separate entity.

“Tomorrow is another day,” I had to train myself to tell my mind this. “There is nothing you can do about it now, at this time, in bed. So don’t think about it. Tomorrow is another day.”

But then my mind disregards me and keeps planning for tomorrow anyway…

Anyway, I think I should try to battle the Demon of Wideawakeness and try to lull the Angel of Sleep to my bedside. I don’t think it will happen tonight but hey, tomorrow is another day.

Hope you guys are having a much easier day than I am. 🙂


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