BZ Bee Bakery for Prim Perfect’s Cake Against Cancer


Guess what?

Beauty and I have been busy in our little bakery kitchen. Check out what we made, especially for you guys!


I’m not sure why B is hanging her head…possibly in shame of having to pose next to her insane twin. Don’t you think her expression says “I can’t believe I have to do this with you”? LOL! Mahal kita! Beauty is on Flickr now, btw, and she takes insanely good inworld photos without post-procesing. So, stalk her, will you?

Have you heard of the World’s Biggest Coffee event? Read about it here in Wikipedia (quick and condensed version) or at Macmillan Cancer Support site for the event.

Prim Perfect is holding a virtual version of it at Pointe LaRue Isle from 11am to 3pm SLT on Friday, Sept 27th (tomorrow). Virtual cakes will be sold to raise funds and not only do you get cakes to decorate your virtual kitchen, you also get the recipes to make a real world version of it. I thought that was a great idea. 🙂 And there will be music throughout the whole event!

UPDATE: All the cakes at the event will be priced at 50L$, so come one, come all!

The cakes will be out for 50L$ ALL WEEKEND!!

++Information about the event @ Prim Perfect’s post++

Not sure what time it is for your timezone? You can use the Time Zone Converter and key in the SLT with the date (California time) and your own country, and magic! You get the time! 🙂

My SL twin and I are as different as night and day, but we do share the love of baking. So it make sense that we will be sharing with you guys our recipes.

Our cakes are specially baked for us by the talented and super-speedy Rekka Whiteberry of LDG. She made these detailed mesh cakes with only a few days notice…and the cakes turned out great, with only 0.5Li each. :O

Rekka is awesome, thank you so much, Rekka!

Mango Float Cake and Bacon Cupcakes

Beauty’s cake is a Mango Float Cake, a quick and easy no-bake cake that is a popular Filipino dessert. It contains only 4 ingredients and takes only a few minutes to assemble. You do need to pop it in the fridge to set though, but think about it…whip this up quickly before work in the morning, and you will come home to a nice dessert. 😀 (2 hours if you freeze ’em, overnight if you just prefer it chilled).

My cake is a beer and bacon cupcake. It’s targeted for you men out there because you men need more things made for you. And look, I also included a beer!

ZB Beer

This is Rekka’s idea of making fun of me. -_- By the way? The original version of this beer is yucky and I don’t like it, so by extension MY Zee Beer will taste much better than that. 😛

The cake IS made out of beer, and sprinkled with bacon to boot. It is the only cake apart from cheesecake that my Man would eat, and I thought it’d be perfect for you guys out there. It’s manly and yummy. LOL And if you’re a lady, buy this cake and make it for your man. 😀

Want to know how to make ’em? Want these babies in your homes? They are available at the fundraiser from 11am to 3pm tomorrow!

++TP to Pointe LaRue Isle++

Friday 27th Sept, 11am – 3pm SLT

Use this to convert SLT time to your time.

Be there and buy our cakes, or be square!

Actually, even if you don’t buy our cakes, we hope you do donate a few L$ to the cause. 🙂 In all honesty, our recipes are available on the net, anyone can look it up, right? BUT these cakes were designed for the event and a lot of love and thought went into it, so we hope you’d like it enough to include it in your decor. 🙂 Spread the word!

So let me tour you around the bakery where we baked this goodies. (Note: this build is on my land for this shoot, not at the fundraiser, so you won’t see it there).


BZ Bee Bakery. Cos we are B and we are Z and we are busy bees and we love cakes and…

…it made sense in our head.

Just…don’t laugh. >_<


Something tells us we need to bake more goodies in order to be a proper bakery. But we’re kinda busy being fabulous…I mean, who else do you know bake in such posh outfits?



There’s also a cozy area  for the romantics. 😛

Well it’s getting dark and we need to close up shop so….move along now people!


And remember to join in Prim Perfect’s Cake Against Cancer, and buy our cakes and many others at the event for a good cause!


What B is wearing

  • Blouse: Batik Bolero with Tube Tank – Olegun
  • Pants: Batik Pekalongan 3 – Olegun
  • Shoes: Batik Flats Motif Tie Dye 3 – Olegun
  • Hair: Manon – D!va

What I am wearing:

  • Dress: Veera Gown – Masoom, will only be available for Avenue Fashion Week from 29th September, and will be in store on 5th October (I’ll update this SLurl when the event opens!)
  • Shoes: Paris Peeptoe Heels Black Satin – GOS Boutique
  • Hair: Marie – D!va


Bakery Inside

  • Country Kitchen Sign 1 Bon Appetit (rare) – {what next}
  • Lava Lamp Gacha (Pink & White RARE) – ::A&A::
  • Mr. Bulb & Mrs. Bulb – Kuro for TGGS
  • half tables – floorplan
  • Twisty Twigs Vases (Cream Tile & Blue Etched) – Storax Tree
  • Gingy’s Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry – !Ohmai exclusive for Atelier Kreslo Icecream Festival…no longer available (this is why you should get them while they’re hot, m’dears!)
  • Sculpted pie pack – Flecha
  • Muffins Grungy Blueberry – Dysfunctional Designs
  • Stockpot, round plates & bread plates- MMG
  • Memory Shelf – encore
  • Monogram Marquee Light / B – Commoner
  • framed alphabet (z) – brixley
  • Industry Letters – Apple Fall
  • Hapiness kitchen (black) – !! Follow Us !!
  • Baking Tray Unbaked Rolls – Culprit
  • Baking Dough – Culprit
  • Dardon Stone Fireplace Patio Kit – Trompe Loeil

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