Monsieur BonsBons le Papillon’s Patisserie

Candy Fair is open!

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Not everything in this post is from Candy Fair though. You guys should know by now I don’t do things by half measure (LOL), so I decided to set up a patisserie. I also have a hard time just showing you and telling you things like any normal blogger would, so…I’m going to annoyingly tell you a story about this candy shop. PLEASE FORGIVE ME, I TRIED TO CHANGE BUT I CAN’T! >_<

So let’s get on with the story, shall we?


Monsieur BonsBons le Papillon’s Patisserie

This cute little patisseries is owned by master baker and candymaker, Monsieur BonsBons le Papillon! He learned his art in…prison. Say what? Reference here.

So once he got out of prison, he started sourcing a build for his dream patisserie. He had a few requirements:

  • Requirement #1: The structure must be spacious, yet compact to fit a small land. And low Li.
  • Requirement #2: Some of his customers are busy career people. 
  • Requirement #3: A place to display occassional dabbles in painting and writing. Maybe a bit of gardening (he is French, remember?)
    • Result: ✤ Daffodil Cozy from A&A
  • Requirement #4: Flagging down a taxi is NOT très chic. He would not submit any customers to such inelegance!
    • Result: ✤ Taxi Lamp from Kuro

(So that when customers need taxis, all they have to do is stand near the stand, turn the ‘taxi light’ on and taxi drivers can see it from miles away.)

(It’s like a Batcall, just more French and therefore more awesome.)


  • Requirement #5: There are NO EXCUSES for not having sweet things in your life, even if you’re super busy.
  • Requirement #6: Sweet and yummy gooey things makes people feel all sweet and gooey.
    • Result: ✤Autumn Breeze Arbor from A&A

Now let’s look closely at the wares that Monsieur BonsBons le Papillon have on offer.


Recycled Coffee Set – Balaclava!! // ✤Lilac & Twigs Pottery Crock (Purple) – ::A&A:: // Sakura mochi (Sakura dumpling) – *nonino* // Tin boxes and gift boxes – Marmelade @ Candy Fair


✤Heart Topiary (Raspberry) – ::A&A:: // Apple Candy – Marmelade @ Candy Fair // Autumn Cake Pops – Lark @ Candy Fair // Coffee, Tea and Cocoa Bags – {vespertine} // Assorted Mochi Icecreams – !Ohmai exclusive for DUV (no longer available) // ✤Candy Daisies (yellow) – Kuro @ Candy Fair (✈ Direct TP to Booth ✈) // lab vase – keke

Candy Laden Trunk

A whole Candy Shop Trunk from Marmelade @ Candy Fair, full of candied goodies! From the top:

Bag of Coffee Beans (part of the Cocoa-on-the-go Cart) – {what next} // Coffee, Tea and Cocoa packets (sold seperately) – {vespertine} // Candy bags (sweetheart & candy crush) – Marmelade @ Candy Fair // Candy Scales (blue & pink) – Kuro @ Candy Fair (✈ Direct TP to Booth ✈) // Shopping bags – Marmelade @ Candy Fair // (teafor2) embroidery – free from Lark

Let’s turn on the lights, and look at the goodies a bit closer.

I hope you’re not hungry!

No dessert before dinner.

A Dentist's Nightmare

Food on the Kuro’s Candy Scales & Boxes of macarons – {vespertine} // Box of doughnuts (part of the Cocoa-on-the-go cart) – {what next} // Candy Daisies (pink) – Kuro @ Candy Fair (✈ Direct TP to Booth ✈) // Assorted candy items from Marmelade @ Candy Fair // Gingy IceCream from !Ohmai (exclusive to previous Atelier Kreslo, no longer available)

Candy Kitchen Set by Kuro for Candy Fair!

✈Direct TP to Kuro’s Candy Fair Booth✈

Where the Candy Magic Happens

On the Candy Kitchen Table:

✤ Peach & Mango Float Cake + Beer & Bacon Cupcakes with Beer – LDG (both cakes free for this weekend @ LDG Mainstore!)

Update: These cakes were part of my and my friend’s contribution to Prim Perfect’s Cake Against Cancer. Post here & here. They now have a stall at The Autumn Fair & Acorn Hunt sim, where it is up for sale for 50L$. So although you can get these free at LDG this weekend, the ones for Prim perfect comes with recipes so you can make one yourself. Also, you’ll be giving to charity, so please consider it if you have L$ to spare. Cancer does not discriminate!

Money Box – Marmelade @ Candy Fair // Candy Daises (green) – Kuro @ Candy Fair (✈ Direct TP to Booth ✈) // Tray of Pears – Teawood // t-rex plates – floorplan // Country Kitchen Sign ‘Bon Apetit’ sign RARE – {what next} gacha // photo clipped – keke

And this is where the sweet, sweet magic happens!

Yummy Candy Kitchen

Candy Kitchen Set from Kuro, exclusive for Candy Fair!

✈Direct TP to Kuro’s Candy Fair Booth✈

Jar Chandelier – Trompe Loeil // Little Haven Portable TV (green) – {what next} // t-rex plates – floorplan

You too can bake magical treats like Monsieur BonsBons le Papillon with this yummy, yummy candy kitchen. You can buy the whole set (kitchen, kitchen table, bins, stools, kitchen scales, shelf, flowers, lamps AND all the plates and cups…OMG!), or you could just buy pieces seperately. 🙂 But seriously, why would you not have one? If Monsieur BonsBons le Papillon can, you can too!

Patisserie Eating Area

City Walk Linocut Prints – DIGS  // Antique Outdoor Sets – Warm Animations // Jar Chandelier – Trompe Loeil // ✤Heart Topiary (Raspberry) – ::A&A:: // (on the table) ✤Lilac & Twigs Pottery Crocks – ::A&A::

Sit down and have some treats while you discuss with your friends the finer points of government shutdown French Revolution. Oh, they refuse to engage in such bourgeoisie discussion? Well then, shut up and qu’ils mangent de la brioche!

Or sandwich and quiche…Like so:

Snacks for Four

Antique Outdoor Set – Warm Animations // ✤Lilac & Twig Pottery Crock – ::A&A:: // ✤Candy cups & Candy Glass – Kuro @ Candy Fair (✈Direct TP to Kuro’s Candy Fair Booth✈) // Autumn Petite Cakes – Lark @ Candy Fair // Snack Plate – Teawood // Sandwiches & Quiches – {vespertine}

Don’t fancy heavy sweets? Don’t think you deserve it?

Fret not, you can also have some light refreshments:

Snacks for Two

Antique Outdoor Set – Warm Animations // Zacca Kashiwa-mochis – nonino // Smores – Marmelade @ Candy Fair // ✤Lilac & Twig Pottery Crock – ::A&A::

Monsieur BonsBons le Papillon thought of everything.

Because this is the best candy shop in the land. 🙂


Here are all your important TPs!

Candy Fair 2013 [Sim 1]–[Sim 2]–[Sim 3]

Direct TP to booths:
♥ !! Follow Us !! @ Candy Fair ♥ Kuro @ Candy Fair ♥
✈ Lark @ Candy Fair ✈ Marmelade @ Candy Fair ✈

For the 1L Arbor, Falling Leaves Hunt Gift : 
Hint: “Butterflies are nature’s gift all year round

Get your free Mango float cake & beer and bacon cupcakes!!
♥ LDG (thank you Rekka!) ♥
UPDATE: There is a version with recipes for Prim Perfect’s Cake Against Cancer, available at All About Autumn Fair and Acorn hunt. Cancer does not discriminate, so if you have 50L$ to spare, please donate to get these cakes…and a RL recipe with it. 🙂

Everywhere else:
Balaclava!! ✈ Trompe Loeil ✈ DIGSWarm AnimationsLark ✈ {what next} ✈ {vespertine} ✈ floorplan ✈ keke nonino  !Ohmai @ Beetlebones ✈

Note: !Ohmai items used here are no longer available, but check out !Ohmai and Beetlebones anyway, it’s full of cute goodies!



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    • Ah, should have heeded the warning, not to read on empty stomach. LOL.

      Thank you Luana! ❤ The kitchen rocks. 😀 The dripping tap is going to eat at my water bills though…haha!

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