College Candy

Shouldn’t have partied hard the night before. Need my morning coffee, and a chocolate hit!

So I stop by at Monsieur BonBons le Papillon’s Patisserie before morning class. 😛


Mmm…the mochi icecream looks yummy.

And it comes with a free rabbit too…Monsieur BonBons le Papillon sure is a candy magician.


Pose: Dieselwork’s September Gift #11

Yes, there is a cat on my head.

Short post today because work has been kicking me in the you-know-what all day.

So I decided to dress up a bit, ‘return’ to my young days and turn myself into a college student. Haha. Oh, those hedonistic innocent days, where your only worries is not to turn up to exam hungover studying.


  • Skin: ✤Bree Skin in Lolly Kisses (Caramel) – Panda Punx @ Candy Fair (Direct TP to booth)
    • This was worn on my shape, so your mileage may vary
    • Appliers for mesh body parts are available there for 150L each.
  • Hair: Falling For You – Exile
  • Eyes: Ren Eyes – Umeboshi


  • Dress:  ✤Satin Drape Mini Dress in Rose – Kaithleen’s @ Candy Fair (Direct TP to booth)
  • Jacket: Biker Jacket (Grunge) – Ricielli
    • This one is no longer available as it was a past hunt gift, but all other colours are still up for grabs.
  • Pants: ✤Mandy Leather Pants (Black) – Miss Canning
    • Pack comes with 10 colours to choose from + Phat Azz appliers
  • Boots: ✤Divine Wedge Boots – Miss Canning (8 colours HUD)


//My pets!//

  • ✤Devilish Bat Companion (Gold) – ::A&A:: Gacha. He is so cute!
  • Mochi Kitten (from Neko Mochi Ice Cream) – !Ohmai (was an exclusive for DUV, no longer available:( )

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