The Nest’s Halloween Hunt Haul


A roomful of hunts! 🙂

Everything from The Nest’s Halloween Hunt, and I’m only missing one item from Organica.

It’s a sim-wide hunt, and here’s your TP to it:

++The Nest++

All you have to do is hunt a pumpkin (info here). It’s fairly easy too, so there are no hints available.

  • From Sanctuaire: Reclaimed Piano Bookcase (Gypsy)
    • Not just a decor piece, it’s a functional bookcase. 😀 Need to clean your inventory? Have a lot of NCs? Then move all your NCs into this piano. When you need it, click on the logo and it will give you a menu of your NCs. Nifty!
  • From Cleo Designs: Window and Mystery Chair
    • Separate hunt gift, so you need to find them both
    • Heads up: there is an animation called ‘Exorcist’ in the chair. Try it at your own risk. 😛
  • From Organica: The Caress Hand Chair in red, Halloween and black
    • Separate hunt items, so you will have to hunt it all.
    • There are 4 altogether from Organica and I’m missing one…argh.
  • From Sway’s: Paper Lantern [lampion] (there are 4 different types altogether in the pack)
  • From Noble: Harvest Time Cabinet
  • From JoHaDeZ: Wall Art “Skull”
  • From Cheeky Pea: Distressed Pumpkin Light
  • From Consignment: The Underneath Above There Table
  • From Thistle: Owl Ceramics
  • From 11th Hour: Pumpkin Storage Crate
  • From Llorisen: Papy Clock Shelves (Halloween Special Edition)

These are all stores with satellite location at The Nest, so if you’re interested in looking at the mainstores, they usually have an LM to it. I didn’t provide the mainstores SLurls here just so I don’t confuse hunters who don’t read posts in its entirety. Not that I blame them, I do ramble.

Happy hunting!


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