Life is Sweet

Life is short, and it is up to you to make it sweet.
Sarah Louise Delaney

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? 🙂 I hope it was relaxing and sweet.

Remember the Candy Kitchen I showed you over at Monsieur BonsBons le Papillon’s Patisserie? And remember the college student who visited the patisserie with her menagerie of pets?

Well, let’s go and visit her college apartment: the Candy Skybox from Kuro!

Sweet Living
Lovely Living Room set – !! Follow Us !! // ✤Coal stove with breakfast (Cherry) – !! Follow Us !! @ Oh My Gacha! // ✤Lilac & Twigs Pottery Crock – ::A&A::// papercrane mobile – {vespertine} //Retro Puzzle Carpet – ::db::// flamingo drafting table set (drafting table & chair + book) – Art Dummy! // flamingo shelf – Art Dummy! // 8mm Nostalgia Set (33 1/3 rpm + 8mm, sold separately) – Second Spaces // record player (hot pink) – floorplan // breeze tripod fan – Art Dummy! // Little Haven Portable TV (lilac) – {what next} // Resolutions Wall Print – {what next} group gift // Florence Shelf (arty) – {what next} // “Peacock Bay” Motif Wall Decor (Sun) – CIRCA

She is an Art Major, with a minor in Hedonism Broadcasting.

Candy Kitchen✤Candy Kitchen set – Kuro @ Candy Fair (Direct TP to Booth!) // Grocery bag – Tartessos Arts // Skillet and Pasta pan – MMG’s // Bag of coffee & Tea – {vespertine} // Recycled Coffee Set – Balaclava // Cafe light – {what next} // Classic Typewriter (Red) – KOPI // With love pile – Zigana // Friend open letter – End of Daze // ✤Cotta Herb Planters (Rosemary) – ::A&A:: // ✤Red Dragon Snap – ::A&A:: // Primary Bee Stool – LISP

As you would expect of a college student, her kitchen is a bit sparse. A few cups and plates, a couple bags of coffee and tea. And look, she even have some fresh baguattes from Monsieur BonBons.

As all Art majors do, she sometimes dabbles in writing. And a little bit of window gardening.

Life is Sweet“Peacock Bay” Motif Wall Decor (Fire) – CIRCA // ✤Precious Time Desk – ::A&A:: // Suitcase Drawer – 22769 ~ Bauwerk // Disc Mobile (Purple/Blue) – A.D.D.Andel! // Tornot Art – Bazar // Georgie Bed – Cheeky Pea

Fancy schmancy arty farty type will also have random symbolic things splash around their boudoir. Like a fire peacock wall decor. But don’t question her, unless you are prepared for a weekend long discourse on the symbolism of peacocks and their symbolic usage in art. Or some such.

Always Kiss Me GoodnightGeorgie Bed – Cheeky Pea // Georgie Pictures – Cheeky Pea // Always kiss me goodnight 3-D Decal – Noble //  Heart of Polaroids – Apple Fall // Beauty Is… – Apple Fall (gacha) // ✤Vanity Antique Sewing Machine – LDG // Paperdoll Mannequin *store gift* – {what next} // wake me. (large clock-red) – Art Dummy! // Tornot Art – Bazar

All of this in the brand-spanking new Candy Skybox from Kuro.

Hope you have enjoyed the tour! 😉

Update: I forgot to mention this…-_- The Lovely Living Room set from !! Follow Us !! is on special price for group members til Tuesday, 15th October. Group is free to join, and all you have to do is check out the board (walk in, to your right). Plus, you get all past and present group gifts and this month’s gift is cute. 😀


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