Pray To The Moon

Pray To The Moon

“Hail to you, New Moon,
Beautiful guide to the clouds

May your gaze
promise new beginnings

Hail to you, New Moon,
Beautiful beloved of my heart.
May your light
shine right into my soul

Hail to you, O New Moon,
Beautiful luminary of our sky
May your wisdom
open my womb to receive.”

-Celtic Fertility Prayer-

Crow Witch

Before you get prematurely excited, no, I’m neither pregnant nor planning to be…yet.

Ancient tribes theoretically had no way of speedily or directly communicating with each other, unlike now. But from the Sahara to the Steppe, there are records of different ancient cultures worshiping the moon for pretty much the same reason. Moon is essentially seen as a ‘feminine’ force. Prayers and offerings heaped on full lunar nights whenever a girl needed a husband, and then again when they needed to get pregnant.

What is it that makes the Moon so…enigmatic?

I could go on and on about this, but I’ll probably bore you to the Moon. 🙂

Anyway, nearly everything here is from The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, so I won’t be linking to the store directly seeing that these are not available in the individual stores yet.

There’s roughly another 2 weeks before it ends, so if you haven’t been there yet, it’s worth a visit.

✈ TP to Fantasy Gacha Carnival Oct ’13! ✈

Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Need to plan your shopping? Gacha keys here.

From Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Oct 1-Oct 31, 2013)

Viking Bracer, Right (Black/Silver) *Common* – The Forge
Celtic Headband (Black Gold) *Common* – The Forge
(facechain) Xanthe N3 (Red) – aisling
Redemption Collar White *RARE* – LUAS
Dory Corset (Black) *Epic* – On a Lark
Dory Hood (Black) – On a Lark
Crow Witch Gown [Earth] – Black Pearls


Skin: Lana – Belleza

Hair: Sierra – Truth

Eyes: Deep True Grey (Deep Sky Eyes) – Mayfly

Lashes: Dragqueen 25 – Redgrave


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