Second Life Terms of Service: A legal panel

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I’m still absent for a few more days due to work + RL but regular blogging will definitely commence this weekend. I thought I’d reblog this for all of us who are concerned about SL’s latest TOS. While this concerns content creators more than us regular users/bloggers, I do think it is important to be aware and to hear it for ourselves, instead of getting our ‘expert sources’ from hearsay.

Here’s a Time & Date Converter if you’re not sure when this will happen on your side of the world.

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MORE EDITS:Video is up! And we have a pdf of my slides: SL ToS Presentation. Enjoy! Also, Inara Pey worked her ass off to create some excellent transcripts of the event, and the UCCSL is working on translating those into a few languages when possible.

Please join me (as my alt, Agenda Faromet), Tim Faith, and VIPO’s Juris Amat — all of us IP attorneys in real life — as we discuss the latest changes to Second Life’s Terms of Service. We’ll take a close, detailed look at exactly what the controversial section of the new ToS means, how it affects content creators (and regular users), what changed from the old terms, and why people are so upset. More importantly, we’ll answer your questions and discuss how the Terms of Service affects your rights now and in the future.

This event will be Saturday, October 19 at…

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