Rustic Mountain Lodge

“Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.”
John Lubbock

The Rustic Lodge VerandaKuro for The Garden: The Lodge
++ TP to The Garden ++
✤Lodge armchair (Red) // ✤Fall Candles // ✤Log TableOther:
Hanging Bamboo Herb Planter – Organica // Mums in Bucket (Yellow) – Mudhoney

Hello lovely people! 🙂 I have missed blogging and decorating so much.

The Garden starts a new round a few days ago, and this round’s theme is one of my favourite: The Lodge. A theme I am passionate about, so much so I actually live on a mountain-themed land. I guess I’m craving a bit of peace and green in my hectic city life.

Rustic LodgeDysfunctional Designs for The Garden: The Lodge
Lovely Lil’ Log Cabin
++ TP to The Garden ++

There are plenty of prefabs up for grabs at The Garden this round, but for this post I chose the Lovely Lil’ Log Cabin because I love the idea of a log building. This little cabin was indeed lovely. It is so cozy and fuss-free. The original size was a bit smaller but resizing it took no effort. I made it larger so I can have some veranda space, because I just love the idea of snuggling outside.

And by extension, I love the idea of snuggling in an outdoor tub *cough*. You know, for *cough* hygiene reasons and all that *coughcoughsputter*


Rustic Lodge: The Outdoor Tub11th Hour for The Garden: The Lodge
Everett Bathtub (Dark)
++ TP to The Garden ++

If you live in the woods, you don’t want to waste water. So after your *cough* tub-bath *cough*, do laundry in it. Smart eh? The laundry set is from a place called *RibboN*, unfortunately this shop doesn’t seem to exist anymore so I can’t link you to it. I acquired this back in JulyUPDATE: I found RibboN! And you can get the laundry set for 35L$. 🙂

++TP to RibboN++

Rustic Lodge: Kitchen Garden
Lil’ Garden Plot of Tomatoes, Carrots & Cabbages (sold separately) – Dysfunctional Designs // Trellis Fence (Medium) – Dysfunctional Designs // Vintage Tall Watering Can – ::A&A:: // Acadia Old Spigot / Water Trough – POST // my little gardening corner – {vespertine} group gift

Since this structure is from Dysfunctional Designs, I thought I’d plant a garden from Dysfunctional Designs botanical collection too. 🙂 The things in this pic are not from The Garden, so make sure you read credit notes up there and go to the right place. This is so you guys don’t yell at me for not finding it at The Garden!

Also, please get your hands off my carrots.

Come inside, it’s warm and cozy in here…

Rustic Lodge - Entryway
✤Welcome Home Hall Tree (RED) – ::A&A:: // ✤Vintage Romance Dresser – ::A&A:: // Blossom Vase – Dysfunctional Designs

The recipe for a welcoming hallway is always ::A&A::. There is an instore sale going on right now with everything marked down 25%-50% so pay a visit!

++TP to ::A&A:: markdown sales!++

Rustic Lodge - Nook(J)Kuro-tastic!
✤Lodge couch (red) – @The Garden // ✤Log table – @The Garden // ✤Fall Candles – @The Garden // ✤Wooden Vases – Kuro for The Gallery Gift Shop
✤Kira Floorlamp (Bold) – Kuro inworld // ✤Kira Stool (Bold) – Kuro inworld // Vintage Sewing Machine – Kuro inworld
Other items from The Garden: The Lodge
++TP To The Garden++
Oh Deer – 22769~Bauwerk // Rustic Tea Lights – Cheeky PeaElsewhere:
Mahavra Rug – Zigana

Oh hello! Another log table shot. Haha. Sorry, but I love the concept of this table too much. It’s Kuro’s offering for The Garden and I think it rocks logs. Log cabin, log table…it works. Nearly everything up there is from Kuro, and not necessarily from The Garden either, so make sure you read the credit notes if you’re hunting these items. Plus, the Kira series are texture change-able, so you’ll be mad not to snag ’em.

Rustic Lodge - Kitchen Entry (J)
Hortense Chair – sanctuaire // wanda magazine table – junk // Kitchen Unit + Counter – MMG // Butterfly Table – Kuro // Outdoor chair (from Antique Outdoor Set) – Warm Animations // Stephenson Bookcase – DIGS // Nature’s Way Log Store – DIGS // Arthur Pictures – DIGS // Hanging Bulb – 7 Emporium
Rustic Lodge - The Harvest
✤Coal stove with breakfast (Cherry) – !! Follow Us !! for Oh My Gacha! // Rustic Metal Wall Hooks w/ Supplies – Dysfunctional Designs // Arthur Pictures – DIGS // Apple Baskets – Trompe Loeil for The Garden: The Lodge // Crates of Pumpkin Ale – floorplan
Rustic Table: Ponder
✤Ancient map scroll with sealing wax – LDG // Eat me My love.. – !! Follow Us !! October Group Gift (join the group here) // Row of Books – {what next} // Clay Family Potted Plant – MishMish // ‘Growing Herbs’ and ‘The Second Garden’ book – [hate this]

A table-full of whimsy! So let me quickly run you through this. The fatpack ancient map with scroll is texture changeable, and comes with 6 maps options: Australia, Japan, London, NY, Paris and SL. You can’t see it clearly, but mine is Australia. :). If you do buy the fatpack, you get a Spain one as a separate map piece.

The cute coffee cup and romantic letter is this month’s group gift from !! Follow Us !!. Group is free to join, and there are still past group gifts up for grabs at the mainstore.

The MishMish potted plants are HUD-changeable so you can choose to have the Papa plant, Mama plant and Baby plant. Too cute!

Let’s move on to where the magic happens.

Rustic Lodge - Bedroom(J)From The Garden: The Lodge
Lodge Bed (Brown Cow) – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] // Oh Deer (decorated) – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] // ✤Lodge armchair (Red) – Kuro
++TP to The Garden++Other Items:
✤Mr. Bulb – Kuro // ✤Love Life Stand – ::A&A:: // Nature’s Way Rug – DIGS // ✤Vanity Antique Sewing Machine – LDG // Triple Hanging Bulb – 7 Emporium

Oh deer, would you look at that…a buck bed fit for a stag night…cowabunga!

…geddit? Geddit?



Happy shopping!

All your TPs!

(Including the mainstores of those participating in events, in case you want to go and have a look. Geez, I spoil you guys, don’t I?)

The Garden: The Lodge (15th Oct – Nov 10th) // Oh My Gacha! (1st Oct-31st Oct) // The Gallery Gift Shop 


♥ ::A&A:: // !! Follow Us !! // Kuro // LDG ♥

Organica // Mudhoney // Dysfunctional Designs // 11th Hour // POST // {vespertine} // 22769 [Bauwerk] // Cheeky Pea // Zigana // sanctuaire // junk // MMG // Warm Animations // DIGS // 7 Emporium // Trompe Loeil // floorplan // {what next} // MishMish // [hate this]


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