Snuggly Sales & Hunts

Another post within 8 hours of my other post…I’m productive today!

First up, hello new followers *waves* and welcome, welcome aaallll to the madness.

While I’m welcoming to new faces, I suspect that some of you may be following me based on my previous post, in which I was mildly opinionated about a controversial subject. Let me just say that this won’t be a constant occurrence. I am very opinionated in RL and get paid to butt heads at work, so I prefer not to replicate this at night when I’m on SL for fun and relaxation.

So, if you’re here and expecting more posts from me in the same flavour of previous post, you may be disappointed. I don’t plan on doing it often, I might limit myself to a few roars once a month or so but basically, I want this blog to be nothing like my day-work life. I want it to be sunshine and rainbows and dolphins and fairies…

I’m borderline saccharine here and have a tendency to be whimsical and silly, and I will not apologize for being so. My blog, my rules. I just thought I’d point this out as courtesy, in case some of you would like to back away very slowly from this blog right now. LOL. In saying all this, I am indeed very grateful that some of you think I am worth following so, thank you. ♥

Anyway, back to what I’m usually up to in SL. Decorating!


Room: Brick Montreal Skybox – Shaedy Bizness (gacha)

Everything except the structure is from ::A&A::. This skybox I’m using is the Brick Montreal from Shaedy Bizness and is a 25L$ gacha prize. :O TP over to Hallow’s End where Shaedy Bizness and Muchness & Muchly is located, and play the gacha located inside the giant pumpkin house. If you find the structure too small, like I did, simply stretch it to resize.

::A&A:: is having a storewide sale at the moment, with most items marked down between 25%-50%. In some cases, even more than that. It’s Monday night and I’m not completely over Mondaytitis so I’m not going to analyze the Math of this sale. Haha. But the bottom line is that items are marked down ridiculously storewide so go and take a look! Inworld store only, by the way.

✈TP to ::A&A::✈

Hunty Dunty Sat On a Wall…

While you’re at the store, why not try your hands at a few hunts ::A&A:: is currently participating in? Here’s a peek at what you might win from the hunt: A romantic chaise lounge (10L$) , an equally romantic arbor (1L$) and a cute and cuddly panda!


I spoil you guys incredibly, so I’m going to post the hint here + some super duper extra hint from myself. You didn’t think I would just blog things without actually playing the hunt, would you? I investigate every single piece for you, lovely people!

The Chaise Lounge (10L$ hunt)
The chaise lounge is a hunt item for Hunt For The Cure event, a fundraiser in the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Be aware that there’s only a ‘snuggle’ animation in it. It costs 10L$ once you’ve hunted it down.

  • Hint for this item: “True Friends are Never Forgotten“.
  • Zee’s extra hint: A true friend is like a strong, solid rock. 😉

The Autumn Breeze Arbor (1L$ hunt)
The arbor is  for The Cookie Jar House & Garden Falling Leaves Hunt (goodness me, that is a mouthful). This is ending on the 24th Oct, so if you want it, best to get this soon. 7 Singles sit animation and 1 PG Cuddle animation for 1L$.

  • The hunt hint: “Butterflies are nature’s gift all year round
  • Zee’s extra hint: Well, that hint is already kinda jarring, bro.  😉

The Panda Snuggles (0L$)

The cute panda is a Panda Love Hunt item and is my favourite. 🙂

  • The hunt hint: “Trees are a panda’s best friend“.
  • Zee’s extra hint: This snuggly panda loves indoor trees.

I bloody spoil you guys. I want compensation in the form of chocolates and sushi.

Oh, you think I’m done? Not remotely!

I still have to give you the lowdown on what is on me, cos I be stylin’, y’know what I’m sayin’? (At this point, I believe some of you may have regretted your decision to follow me…and I don’t blame you. Haha!).

See that bat on my shoulder? It’s the Devilish Bat Companion that you can get from ::A&A:: gacha machine. Halloween is around the corner, so be batty! All my rings are from Diamante Jewelry. It is located in the same sim as ::A&A::, but upstairs in the opposite building. I’m starting to sound like your GPS, aren’t I?”


I’m wearing my favourite skin, Lana from Belleza. I’m not a big fan of freckles, but I am most comfortable in this skin than any other skins I own…so I’ll live with being freckly. No offence to beautifully freckled people!

The hair is Layla from D!va, and speaking of which, did you know that D!va now also make Slink manicures under the brand D!va Te*Amo? The one I’m wearing is called ‘Glitter’. Check out Marisa Kira’s Flickr stream if you’re curious about the manicure lines.

The sexy red lipstick is Song Lipgloss #9 by Essences, and available only at Cosmetic Fair at the moment. My eyeliner is Bathory #3 from The Horror! And while you’re there, you can get the stomper boots I’m wearing for free when you join The Horror! group. There’s also a free eyeliner for grabs as a group member, so why not?

And while we’re talking about ‘free’, this Crux Invictus earrings from Chop Zuey is free. You don’t even need to be a group member to grab it. I’m not sure how long it will be free for, so head up there and grab it ASAP, and while you’re there, make sure you check out all the other free stuff as well.

If you so desire, you can join the Chop Zuey group for 350L$ and get constantly spoiled by Belle’s generosity. I’m not even kidding…there were multiple gifts out this month at different intervals, just because Belle felt like gifting things out. :O The TP for Chop Zuey in the credit will bring you to the main landing. In order to access the gifts, you have to walk straight, all the way into a different area ahead.

I think I would suck as a GPS.

Ok, I think I’ve tortured y’all enough with today’s rambles. So here’s the summary, clockwise:

Skin: Lana – Belleza
Eyes: Deep Sky Eyes (True Grey) – Mayfly
Hair: Layla – D!va
Eyeliner: ✤Bathory #3 – The Horror!
Lipstick: Lipgloss #9 – Essences @ Cosmetic Fair
Bat: ✤Devilish Bat Companion – ::A&A:: (gacha)
Rings: Flower Diamond Solitaire, Midnight Romance and Fantasy Globe Ring (Rose Junandite) – Diamante Jewelry
Manicure: Glitter – D!va Te*Amo
Panda: ✤Panda Snuggles – ::A&A:: hunt item for Panda Love Hunt
Earrings: Crux Invictus – Chop Zuey (FREE!)
Boots: ✤Stompers – The Horror!
Pants: ✤Mandy Leather Pants (White) – Miss Canning
Top: V-Neck Sweater (Sky) – tulip


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