The Genoa House: My Heartbreak Hotel

I actually wanted to title this post “This Is What a Heartbreak Looks Like”, because that is exactly how I feel about this house.

Quantum Luxury Homes is currently having a 50% retirement sale for the Ravello model. The Ravello is an excellent build, but I fell in love with the build opposite it:

The Genoa House by Quantum Luxury Homes

Just. Look. At. This.

Magnifico! The Genoa House


This was my first visit to Quantum. Then I found out this is the same business that owns Maven Homes. My friend Melinda is a big fan of Maven Homes. She lives in one and I think own several others. The details are breathtaking. Take a look here. Since she is always raving about Maven Homes and that this is owned by the same builder, her testimony is enough for me.

Truthfully, the Genoa house is too huge for my own purpose. It’s not as if I wasn’t warned about it, the sign clearly states “6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms”. It appears that Quantum is Maven’s larger and more luxurious line.

Now, as a single avatar in SL, I cannot possibly have any use for more than one room and bathroom. In fact, I don’t even need bathrooms. Of course, that didn’t stop me from actually having it. Because of reasons.

The Genoa House

The Genoa is, in my opinion, absolutely, insanely, unbelievably, awesomely and many-more-adjectives-adverbs-lies gorgeous that I found myself sufficiently weakened to go, “oh, what the heck. This can be my ‘Mediterranean Christmas’ house. If I work on this now along with other projects, it will be finished in time for Christmas, then I can invite all of you over in December“.

As you can see, willpower is something I allow myself to lack in my SLife. -_-

Just as I was about to click ‘Pay’ to get this house, I noticed there was a house footprint available on the board. Lacking willpower, I’m also by extension lacking in the department of ‘sense’ and ‘delayed gratification’ when it comes to home things in SL. I see the sign, I inspect the house, I fall in love with it and that’s it. I don’t need to know anything else.

My senses did kicked in however, and this…this is how a blimming heartbreak looks like. In all its glory:


That, ladies and gentlemen, is the footprint of the house that stole my heart and then promptly stomped on it.

“What’s the problem? That fits just fine!”

Yes. Yes, it does. That is exactly the problem.

It fits perfectly in my little piece of SL heaven: the 1/2 sim Mountain Retreat from Bella Pointe. Now, the Genoa is 790 land impact, which is not a problem with a Bella Pointe rental as you can upgrade your primmage to 3750 max. A homestead worth of primmage, so plenty to play with.


I won’t be able to rezz all the other builds I have for blogging purposes. And I cannot have just ONE project. In RL, I can’t even read just one book…I’m usually reading four. And those of you who have visited me inworld knows that I usually have 3-4 projects lying about on my grounds, all going at the same time (I derendered everything for this footprint). The Genoa would be amazing for a personal space project. While inspecting the house, I envisioned my happiness in buying all new and shiny furniture as befitting its theme. Oh, the insane amount of fun I would have!

But to do this, I would have to go and find another land to satisfy all my projects insanity.

Gawd, I need a whole region that I can subdivide into ‘my space’ and then my ‘play space’. Oh, the heartbreak…

Anyhoo, here are the rest of the pictures I took while I was there. I love every bit of the house, but I’m only showing you what I myself find unique about it. For more pictures, check out the Genoa Flickr Set from Maven Homes or better yet, go and visit Quantum Luxury Homes and experience it for yourself.


Double staircase foyer. I repeat, double staircase foyer.


I have lost the ability to can.

You can’t see it from this photo but the entrance is more magnificient than my photo can ever do it justice. So seriously, take a look inworld if you can. And then we can huddle together in the corner and cry our little pixel hearts out.


This is the view from upstairs. This is where you can go “Oh, Rhett, my darling…your credit card!“.

Or if you’re a guy, stand here while your lady enters and tries to apologize for spending money on yet another hundred pairs of shoes: “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. You don’t have enough shoes and my credit card is your credit card.”

Yes, you should always use this line.


Ooooooh, all the potential of this room! This is the backroom downstairs. You walk through the foyer, pass a huge living/landing/entrace room to this room here. I can’t even…my architectural and interior vocabulary is just all over the place now, because I’m frothing and crying too much. *blows nose*


This is the view of the previous area, from upstairs.

Now, I have to excuse myself to cry in this corner. I’ll be right back later today or tomorrow, hopefully, with a Halloween decorating post. Right now, my heartbreak is hitting me hard.

Chocolate offers are very much welcomed at this sad and difficult time, and may perhaps make me recover sooner.

Thank you.

++Go get your own heart broken at Quantum Luxury Homes++

++Then share your heartbreak with me at Bella Pointe rentals++

(Unless you’re the owner of a full region and have the luxury to rezz three of these…in which case, don’t tell me 😦 )


8 thoughts on “The Genoa House: My Heartbreak Hotel

  1. I currently have 2 Maven homes, the Brentwood, (an older partial mesh model), and the Vita, (modern style full mesh). The Genoa is a really nice home…and I do have the space for it, but I too would have to gut a good portion of my landscaping for it. Still…its very tempting!

  2. Oh dear! I was so excited about visiting the Mansion at Christmas & seeing how you decorated & everything. 😦

    I think I have a Mars Bar somewhere.

    • Bella Pointe rentals are skydomes, actually. So I am already up in the sky, in a 1/2 sim sized dome. Right now, I ‘live’ in a skybox that I rezzed up on my dome, as close to the dome-edge I can get and rezz my toys on the ground. 🙂

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