Halloween Cottage

Hallo errbadeh!

This was originally part of a larger post, but I’m breaking this up into morsels so that I don’t choke you guys. You poor people, having to deal with my rambles. 😦 I don’t usually say a lot of things about the items I’m using. But since Halloween is an event, I thought I’d do a somewhat-review post so you guys can decide whether anything here would suit your purpose. 🙂


This is my Halloween setup! It looks a bit bare, so bear with me, please. I’m not the best when it comes to landscaping, just like in RL. Before we get on to the details, lets look at the big picture first.

The house: Autumn Cottage by Trompe Loeil, available at C88.

++TP to Collabor88++

Oh, this house is so, so cute! The Cauldron of Trouble post was taken in the attic. The size may be a bit small for some, but resizing it is as easy as stretching it out. I didn’t stretch it too much so I wouldn’t know if doing so would break physics/scripts etc. I would guess not though, because everything still worked fine. Definitely one of my favourite ground-houses to date.

The surrounds: Dark Forest Skybox (MP Link) from Anara

If you’re like me and have no idea how to landscape for Halloween, then this skybox might be the perfect solution for you. The dark forest texture is handmade by the creator so you won’t find it in any other skyboxes. You can change the texture of the brick wall (stone blocks, bricks or rough stones), or choose to have it off. You get two sizes with your purchase, a 40 x 40 and a 60 x 60 (the one I used here).

Caveat: this skybox is no-mod. So if you rely on WL for your inworld photography, it won’t work properly with this skybox. General WL-ing for ‘mood’ would work, for example here I’ve used the Foggy settings (if I remember correctly) but your shadows won’t since the skybox layer is solid and there is no way to change the transparency. I did briefly thought of using extra lighting from prims and HUDs…but then I decided to leave it as it is just so you can see, even without advanced WL-ing, the skybox is still a perfect setting. 🙂

The vegetation

Halt! Who grows there?

Hallow Trees

Lame joke, sorry! 😛

The first tree is the Halloween Tree V.1 from DaD Design and it comes with a flying bat and falling pumpkins. Haha. I always forget this! The window was still in my view while I was busy decorating inside, and the falling pumpkins always look like someone is constantly scuttling across my yard. I keep getting freaked out because I thought someone might have successfully bypassed my security and was running amok, LOL. A serial pixel killer, maybe!

The middle tree is a Hungry Tree from Aphrodite shop. I was there to buy something else, but spotted the tree and was impressed with the detailed texturing. Two versions are included: the ‘auto’ and the ‘click on/off’. Clicking on it will make this wise and sage looking tree very evil indeed. I’m not going to show you the before and after, because I want you to see it for yourself. TP to Aphrodite and walk into the Halloween area. 🙂

The last tree is The Lantern Tree from The Looking Glass store. The lights aren’t really scripted to turn on and off, and doesn’t seem to provide extra lighting (to me anyway). But it does change colour from blue to red, and the particles are pretty. 🙂 The Looking Glass have some Halloween landscaping items out too, if anyone is interested.

The details

Alright, I’m going to apologize for sending you running every direction for the rest of these items.

Halloween Cottage: DetailsThe evil looking pumpkin is Pumpkin Dude by The Forge, available at Horrorfest. The TP will bring you to the landing which is filled with gacha, so if you’re a gacha addict, you might want to summon your willpower and just follow the red arrow on your screen for The Forge’s booth. LOL.

Those deranged looking pumpkins are Autumn Pumpking Carvings from ::A&A::. You can’t miss it, they are conveniently set out at the store’s entrance. 🙂 It comes with a ‘sit and carve’ animation, so head to the store and try it yourself. 🙂

The cute haunted house is ::A&A::’s hunt item for The Skull Hunt @ Pumpkin Town. Here’s the info, if you’re interested to find out more. Now, this hunt is a bit complicated, but not impossible. You are hunting down a skull, but there will be no hints and the skulls are scattered all over the sim. For the more wily amongst us *cough*, area search won’t work since the objects are not named conventionally.

As usual, I’m never going to send you on a hunt without going myself, so here is your hint: “When Death is riding on a horseback and chasing you up the mountain, you have no choice but to face zombies in the rain!” I leave it up to you to decipher it, good luck! 🙂

The raven in the cage is the Halloween ’13 Birdcage from !! Follow Us !!. There is a whole wing and a yard dedicated to Halloweeny goodies, and affordable to boot (the birdcage is only 50L$!) so go and have a look. And finally, The Ashdon Antler Wall Candle is Trompe Loeil’s offering for FaMESHed this round.

Oh boy, that was a lot of running around, wasn’t it? Just pretend it’s the metaverse trick or treat! 🙂

|:.Summary and Important TPs.:|

Important Links

|| Horrorfest 2013 (til Nov 8th) || FaMESHed (til 27th Oct) || Collabor88 || The Skull Hunt @ Pumpkin Town (til Oct 31st) ||

|| ::A&A:: || !! Follow Us !! || DaD Design ||

Anara (MP) || Aphrodite || Trompe Loeil || Hounds Inc (MP) || The Looking Glass || The Forge || vespertine 


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