Visit Ed Clarity’s Open Apartment + Camera Control HUD

I have pushed the Halloween interior post back a day, because this is important news if you guys love home & garden. 🙂 There is an Open House opening on the grid. More specifically, Open Apartment!


Ed Clarity, the genius mind behind Love to Decorate, has graciously opened his latest decorating project for the public to see. I’m a wee bit jealous because he gets to do this in RL as well. Some people have all the fun, it should be made illegal! Haha.

The Open Apartment is only for three days and will end tomorrow (Saturday 26th). I’m not sure at what time so best get yourself there when you can.

I was so busy with work this week but that didn’t stop me from sending friends over there in droves since Wednesday. Every one of my friends who visited loved it! But their visit was not without problems.

Don’t worry, it is not the house or the decorating itself. It’s a more technical problem: wonky camera.

I probably should have written something about this before, but I figured this was something that people just know and writing about it would make me sound like a pompous know-it-all. Besides, if I find something useful, doesn’t mean everyone else does, right?

Apparently I’m wrong!

“Why didn’t you tell us before!!” was the replies I get whenever I sent them the HUD. Haha. So I guess it’s time for me to share.

++You need this HUD: The Camera Control HUD (FREE!)++

Why? Read on…

The Default Camera Angle

I find that the default camera positioning is not very friendly unless you spend your time traversing open spaces. I also found that inworld stores are usually built with high ceilings, perhaps to accommodate this reason?

I’m not sure why the default positioning is so…perhaps this is a throwback from where everything is larger than life in SL, and the camera was needed to accomodate 8 ft avatars walking around massive buildings. But now that things are slowly becoming to-scale in SL, using our default camera positioning to walk around newer builds will make it go all wonky.

This is a problem for people like me, whose main activity in SL is staying indoors and decorating.

Now, you can fix this by perusing the Advanced Menu and keying in numbers into certain Offsets. Or simplify your SLife by getting this Camera Control HUD, available for free.

So, let’s illustrate the use.

Note: Pics taken on low settings just to demonstrate the HUD…sorry for the quality!

Default Camera

This is my default camera positioning in Firestorm viewer (not tested for LL viewer so, have no idea if this is different). To be honest, unless I’m decorating, this camera view doesn’t really bother me at all. It is ideal for open spaces, where your view range is wide. I also usually rezz every home item I need when I’m in this position, before slapping on the HUD to place the rezzed items on their precise placement.

However, this camera positioning becomes a problem when I’m working indoors, or am inside a small build that is to-scale. So decorating cottages, skyboxes, greenhouses etc makes the camera go nuts. A simple movement like turning your body to look at another direction would result in the camera panning in and out erratically.

This is me at the Open Apartment, on default camera positioning and with the HUD.

Comparison: Living Room

Default looks ok on-screen right? But not when I’m turning to look at a different view…cue camera going nuts. Frustrating, no? When you’re trying to get the feel of an immersive environment, this default positioning suck balls!

The HUD solves that by forcing the camera closer, and to my shoulder view. Turning doesn’t make the camera go all manic.

Experimenting the HUD in a tighter space, like the kitchen:

Comparison: Kitchen

No more flying camera with the Camera Control HUD. 🙂

Best of all? It’s full perm so you can gift this to everyone on the grid if you so desire.

Now that we’ve got that sorted, you can go and enjoy your view of The Open Apartment more.

So, Zee, where are your pictures of the open house?

No pictures of the apartment from me except for the demo above guys, sorry.

Not that I didn’t took any…I took HEAPS. I was there for an hour. Could have been more if I’m not due for bedtime. 😛

I’m declining to share for several reasons. The first being that I want you to go and see for yourself. Secondly, there are already many others who have taken and shared amazing pictures. And then of course, you just need to go to Ed Clarity’s blog to see his masterworks.

As for my pics…

Ever experienced this feeling of wanting to keep something to yourself in SL? Like, there are some of the things you buy, do or see in SL that you just don’t feel like sharing with anyone, because it is something personal to yourself? Perhaps an object that evokes something in you, or a landscape that speaks to you. And you don’t want to be bothered to explain the reason why…because you don’t need to explain it to yourself.

I have many of those moments. Pics with friends on certain occasions, pics of things that tickles my fancy, pics of landscape that I just love. Things I silently throw money at in a gacha machine to get something that is not even a rare…I have a little collection of virtual mementos that I have never shown in this blog but is permanently rezzed on my skybox, because I bought it for strongly personal reasons and I feel that it’s no one’s business to see it. As if the magic of that item will be lost upon other people’s viewing it.

My Gollum ring in my metaverse living.

This visit to Ed Clarity’s…your mileage may vary, depending on your decorating philosophy, but me? I loved the place. “This is home”, I thought when I entered. Everyone on the grid may own the exact same item that was used in this Open Apartment, but don’t you agree it is how and where you place those item that makes the whole difference?

I was there just to look around, but found myself refreshed after a particularly hellish work week.

Like your quiet, contemplative moments while you are enjoying a relaxing spa, there are times when you just don’t want to publicly share your relaxation.

Or why something meant so much and so strongly to you.

Like this.

This was one of those moments.

Happy visiting, everyone and thank you Ed for graciously opening The Apartment for us. xo


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