So you’ve seen the outside, you’ve seen upstairs. Time for you to come inside!


Boo!Ghostling Spoky Friends – ~silentsparrow~

‘Scuse me, guys. I need you to scram.

No really, I’m trying to show people around the house here….

No, you’re not scary at all. You’re made out of felt!

Now…move along now, go on…go and play outside and scare the bats off the tree…

Animals of The Hallow
The Big Items
✤Lodge Couch (Blue) – Kuro @ The Garden // ✤Halloween ’13 Piano – !! Follow Us !! // Dead Mans Bookshelf – @ Horrorfest

That’s better.

So truthfully, I don’t think I am made for Halloween decorations. I’ve never had a Halloween before, we don’t celebrate it on my side of the world. That doesn’t mean I’m going to miss out on all the fun Halloween decors available though. To make things easier, !! Follow Us !! is going all out on Halloween this year. There is even a dedicated wing and yard just for Halloween-themed decor.

As you can see, I went to the more cute and whimsical decor instead of scary. Don’t send me to the gallows for this, guys.

Hallow Cuties

*Smaller photos on the right manipulated only for brightness*
✤Fall Teddy Bear His & Hers (sold separately) – ::A&A:: // ✤Country Charm Jar (gacha) – ::A&A:: // Baby Sea Monster (Blues) +Half-Deer+ // Pumpkin’ Spooky Friend – ~silentsparrow~

I’ve employed some cuties to act as your greeters. You know, to lull you into a fall sense of se-cute-rity. Geddit, geddit?



Moving right along…

Let’s take a closer look of what is on top of that piano.

The Phantom bookcase from Balaclava was a Designers United item, and currently not available instore. But go to Balaclava anyway, because there is a spooky set of figurin/light called ‘The Creepy Twins’. Here’s an MP link to it if you’re curious, but it is still better to check it out inworld.

Death by PianoOn the Halloween ’13 Piano by !! Follow Us !!
✤Caged ravens, candles and skull – linked to the Piano // Phantom Bookshelf – Balaclava // Sea Otter Pet – !Ohmai // vase full of branches/halloween – {vespertine} // ✤RIP Lamp – Kuro // Music Box: The Steganographer – [ContraptioN]

This sums up what could be my crime: If I play the piano and sing to you, I will probably kill you from voice poisoning overdose. XD

See that skull? That’s the last person that told me “I would love to hear you sing, you must sound like an angel!”

Little did he know.

See Otto the Otter adopting a prayer posture, cos he found out that the bowl hat ain’t gonna save him any. “Please spare me this misery, oh Lord”.

See that crow, trying to fly away? But it can’t, cos its’ mate is still trapped there and, you know, ‘semper fi’ and ‘no crow left behind’?

I’m all kind of evil, people.

Feeling peckish?

Well, sit down and have some cakes and sweets…

…if you dare, MWAHAHAHA! *thunder**lightning* (<–yes, necessary)

Have some cakes...
All The Noms from !! Follow Us !! (sold separately)
✤Halloween ’13 Tray, ✤Halloween ’13 Cakes & ✤Halloween ’13 cupcakes
✤Halloween ’13 Candles – !! Follow Us !! // ✤The Witch Candle – Kuro
Table: Terror Table – +Half-Deer+ @ Horrorfest

Watch out for the spider though. It looks very hungry and you are looking absolutely ravishing. Mmmm…

Hallow HollowItsy Bitsy Spider Went Down The Water Spout…
Black Widow – [RW] Raven’s Workshop (MP)
More spooky goodies from !! Follow Us !!
✤Halloween ’13 Skeleton fireplace // ✤Halloween birdcage // ✤Halloween ’13 Half table with candles // Halloween ’13 Ouija table

Made it this far? Ah, I guess you deserve a seat on the Ouija Gathering…

Ouija TableHalloween ’13 Ouija table – !! Follow Us !!

It is advisable not to ask questions if you don’t want to know the answer…;)

There it is, patient readers. All my Halloween haul this year. Even though Halloween decorating is out of my depth, all these Halloween home items around the grid made it so, so much fun.

|:.All your Important TPs.:|

Events:  Collabor88 (for the Structure) || Horrorfest || The Garden


|| !! Follow Us !! || A&A || Kuro ||

~silentsparrow~ || || +Half-Deer+ || Balaclava!! || !Ohmai || {vespertine} || [ContraptioN] || [RW] Raven’s Workshop (MP)


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