Dance for my Raj


No, you’re not on the wrong blog. Please do not adjust your dial. ‘Tis me, Zee! Just a little fun post after feeding you all with home posts. 🙂

I went on a gridwide adventure just to realize my vision for this shot. And I am strongly reminded of why I do mostly homestuff posts in this blog. LOL.

This post came about because I badly wanted to use this dance veil. It’s available from LDG’s booth at Bitacora Travel Fair. Bitacora Travel Fair is til the 31st October, so you might want to get there quick! My avatar is short for SL standards so I had to do some adjustments: I set my hover to around 50 or the veil will sink into the ground. If you’re a taller avatar, you might not need to do this.

The veil is materials ready and comes with a HUD to change the colour of the veil and the hijab (which I choose not to wear). By the way, the Sun and Moon is not included in the HUD. XD I just thought the sky was pretty so I took a screenshot of the HUD that way.

Veil HUD

When Rekka sent me a pack these veils, she wasn’t even expecting me to use it at all. It was sent to me for my personal fun. But I was in the mood to shop today, and shop for something other than home items. I bought five houses yesterday in less than an hour, so I thought “seriously, Zee, you’re insane. Go buy some new clothes now.”

I struggled to find a mesh bellydance outfit that is both subdued and sexy. I wanted to show some skin, but not SO much skin, so Gorean stores were out of the question. I wanted my butt covered, I didn’t want to flash my prim veejayjays and I wasn’t going to show you prim boobs. It was so challenging for me. Kaelyn Alecto suggested Zaara (thanks, Kae!) and I thought I landed in fantasy heaven. However, Zaara ethnic dresses were all so colourful and would clash with the veils. I did pick up a nose ring, but ooooh, I will come back to Zaara…all the dress-up possibility!

I finally found an outfit at Caverna Obscura called Shahrazad. It’s a system outfit…so I had plenty of time to be nostalgic while I edit individual prims to fit me. The thing that makes me cry with very good system outfits is that the more detailed it is, the more linked prims you have to edit separately. I love the outfit when I’m finally done with it, but no lie, it took a bit of chocolate and wine to not cark it.

And then I needed henna for this outfit. I searched high and low for an applier for SLink parts. I was so frustrated and again, I get the strong epiphany of why I ended up specialising in blogging interiors. If you look closely, I botched the prim editing on the waist part of the skirt, so…don’t look closely.


I nearly gave up in my henna adventure, but at the last minute thought of checking Berry‘s blog and searched ‘henna’…wa-la, result! I should have done that sooner. Like, 2 hours before. -_- Goddamnit, get it together, Zee…

There’s a catch though. The henna hand and feet appliers from Tuli will only work for Tuli skins. Thankfully, Tuli made my dilemma easier because these henna are only available as a group gift, and as a member you get a free skin. The group costs L$299 to join.

Meet ‘Sara’ by Tuli!

Tuli Sara

Isn’t she lovely? I thought so anyway, though I probably wouldn’t wear this too much as she is a bit fair. I’m making a mental note to check out more Tuli items, I do need a variation of skins. BTW, a friend mentioned to me how unsettling it is that I refer to my different skins as ‘she’ whenever I’m not wearing my usual skin (Lana from Belleza). I’m not a skin-changer, I only do it for posts. So most times I identify as my Lana skin so when I change skins, I automatically refer to my avatar in third-person. Is that weird? Do you guys have the one skin you use exclusively when not blogging, or are you a serial skin changer? And what other skin stores should I look at?

I’m guessing I’m going to spend this weekend grabbing skin demos from everywhere.

In hindsight, I really should have taken a close up of my face to show you the eyes and the nosering. But after nearly 4 hours of this (yes, FOUR!), I was so ready to finish that whole bottle of wine. LOL. If you’re still interested, here’s a HUGE version of this photo. If you do click that, please don’t 1) laugh at my system cloth prim editing skillz and 2) barf from raw shot. Be kind to my super delicate feelings, ok! LOL!!

I’m wearing Quicksilver from IKON’s new Perspective Eyes line. If you head over to IKON now, there’s a L$150 pack of Halloween-ish eyes. Not too late for me to tell you about Halloween stuff, right? And the nose ring is from Zaara.

Summary will be at the end of this post, but I’m not done yet! Seeing that I’ve mentioned my henna applier dilemma, I would like to bring this to your attention:

How do you guys feel about a possible SLink Fair?

Kristin Corleone mentioned on Plurk that there is a need for a SLink Fair for SLink addons and appliers.

I KNOW, RIGHT! This needs to happen!

My number one vice in SL that is not home & garden are tattoes and manicures. I’ve been on a manicure binge lately. You can’t see it clearly from these pics but I’m wearing Fall Glitter from The {Wicked} Peach. I’ve also been on a spree to D!va Nail, Hello Dave, Nailed It…and I’m going to do some damage soon to Flair especially since she has implemented the Wishlist system. What’s a Wishlist system? Berry explains it better (AKA, “I’m LaZee so I’m asking you to read it over there” :P).

I’m usually tattoed on my ‘default outfit’ and if there was a way to have full bodied tattoo that doesn’t abruptly ends where SLink hands starts…that will be awesome. Also, hennas! I know this is asking a bit too much, since usually only the skinmakers can make proper addons to their appliers when it comes to anything outside of manicure but…a girl can dream, right?

Sooo…what do you guys think about the SLink Fair idea? From my observation in Plurk, the response from consumers are positive so I’m hoping that getting this word out might make the idea ‘buzz’ a wee bit more (mwahaha!) and maybe hint to event organizers to actually take this on.

Ok, enough ramble. On to the credits.


8 thoughts on “Dance for my Raj

  1. just gorgeouser and gorgeouser! unashamed serial skin changer here, I do wear one as a default and would love if she would make slink appliers, so the fair idea is spot on!

  2. Wow! you look so amazing in the veils; absolutely stunning !

    Super to learn about some of your passions beyond the house & garden.

    • Have the passion, but unfortunately not the patience! I don’t know how you fashion bloggers do it. >_< It takes me so long to dress up.

      And thank you, danaf! ❤

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