She Lusted Over The Wrong Man

And she declared her love with Pride,
For how else should one do it, but with Pride?

Alas! Alas!
Her Aria of Shayning love
in the age of Prejudice.
“You are dead to me!”

And so! And so! by Juno,
on the day of Elysium coloured sky
did they Pinned her down like a Bug,
and made her an example for generations to come.

And thus, and thus,
she came to be,
the head of the menagerie.

(Note: Misspelling and strange capitalization was intentional 😛 Poetic license and all that)


 Dortchen Sofa – +POME+ (MP Link) || ✤Halloween ’13 Ravens Birdcage – !! Follow Us !! || pride & prejudice novel – floorplan || Necronomicon – ISPACHI (free!) || Gazelle’s Head – ISPACHI

We shall now take her off that couch and do a post-mortem on her poor, heretic soul.

(Note: Ana Lutentia WL)

Heads Up!

Hair : Warpath S2 L.E – The Stringer Mausoleum
Left: Falling Leaves // Right: Ruined

Collar: Queen’s Ruff Collar – Junbug @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival…ending 31st October!!
Left: Brown // Right: Sea Blue

Look Into My Eyes

Skin: ✤Jinx – Modish Group Gift (200L$ joining fee)
Left: Dune || Right: Terra

Eyes: Witch Eyes – IKON
Left: Pain || Right: Fear

Eyeliner: ✤Bathory #3 – The Horror!

What is everyone doing for Halloween? We don’t do Halloween here and I can’t do scary movies, so I’ll be having a marathon viewing of  particular show, and then a movie right after. To cement my love.

Vague Zee is vague today, but I am not vague in wishing you all a happy Halloween. May your bags be filled with candies and treats, and may you be spared the tricks. 🙂

I’m taking a few days blogging break to sort out my exploding inventory (LOL!) and to visit and catch up with everyone’s blog and Flickr. So I shall now bid you adieu, have a safe Halloween and see you all in November! xoxo

|:.All your Important TPs.:|

Event: Fantasy Gacha Carnival CLOSING SOON (31st Oct)


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