I have Spoopy ‘Nu’s!

Hallo Hoomans!


Curious mind wants to know:

Have ye heard the exciting ‘nu’s?


Ye haven’t?

Ye gods up above!

Ohmai, Ohmai…how horrifying.

Well nu fear, cos Zee is here to bring you some Sue-weet ‘Nu’s!


Halloween is far from over!

It seems like the town gates of Nuville has been restored, which means YOU get to come join in the fun! Take a ride of your SLifetime with the Nuville Express. Our driver will take you down a scenic route, welcoming you to the spooky town of Nuville! Your final destination is a 13th floor apartment, why don’t you take your time and knock on each and every door?
Our tenants are feeling awfully generous this full moon…

With a ride to enjoy and 50 gifts made by Suetabulous Yootz and Anya Ohmai – dare you miss out on the fun?


Note: Pic borrowed with permission. Thanks, Anya!

50 GIFTS!! Are you as excited as I am? If you’re NOT excited, well…let me just tell you that everything is built and scripted from the ground up, so you won’t see things that can be acquired elsewhere…so you SHOULD be excited.

Nu’ville Horrors will open at 8am SLT on Nov 2nd, entrance fee is 100L$ for 12 hours. Or if you prefer unlimited access throughout opening + fantastic gifts, then join Nu’ville Group for 800L$.

So…I have done my duty to inform you of the ‘nu’s

…therefore for my trouble, I expect you to be there…

Credits after the cut!


Skin: Tao Geisha #3 (Desert) – cStar Limited (gacha)
Eyes: Witch Eyes (Damage) –IKON
Hair: Blossom Maiden – The Stringer Mausoleum
Glasgow Grin: The Reptilian Sneer – ContraptioN

Dress & Stilts: Hera – Maitreya
Necklace: Woven & Pearl Necklace – glow Studio
Shoulder: Epaulette Set (Cream) – Gizza (gacha)


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