Xanthe’s Halloween Party

Seemingly peaceful…

Xanthe’s Halloween Party

Xanthe's Halloween Party: The Haunted Mill

Hello everybody!

How is your Halloween faring so far? 😉 We don’t do Halloween where I am, but the great thing about SL is anything can be done.

Xanthe organized a Halloween Party last night and I snappity snapped so here are some pictures for you.

Xanthe's Halloween Party: The Hostess of the Mostest

Xanthe showing us how to partaaay! She was the hardest to take pics off, because she was either dancing manically all over the place and my camera can’t lock on her…or she was too busy photobombing others. A lot of the pics were taken with me waiting for Xanthe to move from a frame…Haha!

Xanthe's Halloween Party

The turnout was good considering everyone’s different timezones. The ghosts were there as chaperons, making sure we were behaving, sharing our candies and not trying to eat each other’s brain out.

Guests (Note: “✈” marks SLurl or MP store, “★” are blogs)
[★]Sophia Trefusis of Trefusis Designs[✈], [★]Halogen Magic of +Half-Deer+[✈], [★]Kath Okami of Muchness & Muchly[✈], [★]Horrorcherryof The Horror![✈], [★]Izzy Harcassle, [★]Harmony Sandalphon, [★]Shae Marquis. The ones that attended but I didn’t get to snap piccies of: [★]Caitlin Tobias and Ariel Ansome.

Everyone looked awesome and if I had to pick a favourite, it was Ariel’s costume. Unfortunately, I checked the pic this morning and saw this!! That is how my viewer decided to take Ariel’s pic last night. 😦 I’m not sure how that happened. As you can see through my ‘snapshot viewer’, my intended shot wasn’t even this one…-_-

Ariel Ansome

Your pixelsnapper of the night. I’m going to be wearing this getup for a post tomorrow to announce a fun news, so credits will be in tomorrow’s post.

Xanthe's Halloween Party: Zee

A lot of us were Glasgow Grinning our psycho heads off.

Thank you Xanthe for a fun party!

❤❤ Feel free to have a look at all 25 pics in the Flickr set.❤❤


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