Blue Lagoon

Welcome to Blue Lagoon, where the sky is blue, the sand is pure and the sea is pristine.

Blue LagoonStructure: ✤In The Woods – Kuro Stone path – Hounds Inc. // Asian Fence (Bamboo Straight) – Dysfunctional Designs // Cactus Planter (part of Larkin Set) – PILOT // Santa Fe Snake Plant – Zinnias // ✤Timeline Bench – JoHaDeZ // Rocket Planter “They Are Coming” – 11th Hour

This Kuro prefab called ‘In the Woods’ was specially made for the Midcentury Modern Challenge. As you can see, I neither plopped in down in the woods, nor did I succeed in being Midcentury-ish Modern here.

But the huge windows…I just can’t resist putting it somewhere where it will take full advantage of the sun…and unrestricted view of the water.

Blue Lagoon LivingPARAURI set (Sofa, table, fruits and mags) – Headhunter’s Island // Dean’s Beanbag – 11th Hour Group Gift // World Tour Gacha items (guitars, synthesizer, guitar case) – Standby Inc. // ✤Inspirational Wall Scroll (Laughter & Happiness) – ::A&A:: // Tornot Study-art – Bazar // Home Theater System – End of Daze // Nostalgia Set (8mm and 33 1/3 RPM) – Second Spaces // Jute Natural Rug – Apple Fall // “The Tube” Beer Tap (Weissbier) – 11th Hour // Beethoven Bookcase – 11th Hour // Deer Canvasses – floorplan // Spotlight Lamp – Trompe Loeil

I have to admit that I had a lot of trouble trying to do Midcentury Modern interior. The philosophy of MCM is clean lines, tidy, lots of spaces. Which means no clutter. But if you’re familiar with my ways now, clutter in SL interior is what I love most.

It is something I have always adored in magazines, but at the same time it is something I cannot tolerate in my RL. Clutter pisses me off greatly. Everything must have a home.

However, I love doing it in SL, because I know I can take everything back into inventory after I’m done with it. 🙂

Blue Lagoon NookVoronoi Table – Cheeky Pea @ FaMESHed // Wooden Leaf Chair (blue) – MudHoney/Exposeur @ Atelier Kreslo // Country Print Australia – Apple Fall // Sputnick Pendant Lamp (Nickel) – Apple Fall // Kath and Shay Ball Chairs – Cheeky Pea VIP Group Gift

That said, I did made an effort to be a bit more Zen in this post today. So the rest of the rooms, I tried my best to keep clean and clutter-free.

It was a wee bit torturing to snap pics and see a lot of empty spaces (LOL) but I love a challenge.

Blue Lagoon Bedroom✤Stay in bed (Black and white) – !! Follow US !! // chocolate board sign – Beachstreet Home // Grand Piano Open (White/Grey with music) –  LISP

I don’t remember if I ever said it in this blog. All my social media is blurring right about now and I can’t remember where I said what. But I shall repeat myself anyway, since there won’t be any harm in it: Kuro, in my opinion, makes the BEST fuss-free skybox/prefab for single avatars. I’m not saying this because I do blog for Kuro now, but just go and rezz a demo inworld and you will see what I mean.

How many times have we encountered small prefabs and skyboxes meant for only one person…without any space divisions? Not that there is anything wrong with that. I myself own many single-room skyboxes; these are perfect for props.

But, if for the same price of these single-room skyboxes, you can get a Kuro one with space divisions, why would you not?

Blue Lagoon Kitchen✤Happiness Kitchen (Black) – !! Follow Us !! // Sink – Zigana // Jar Chandelier – Trompe Loeil // Primary Bee Stools – LISP // ✤Lilac & Twigs Pottery Crock – ::A&A:: // ezra table – Second Spaces

I also struggled on how to end this post today. So forgive me for an abrupt adieu. 🙂 But I suspect you are secretly relieved about my semi-silence today…haha!

|:.All your Important TPs.:|

Events: FaMESHed || Atelier Kreslo

Kuro // ::A&A:: // !! Follow Us !!  ♥

Hounds Inc. || Dysfunctional Designs || PILOT || Zinnias ||  JoHaDeZ || Headhunter’s Island || 11th Hour || Standby Inc. || Bazar || End of Daze || Second Spaces || Apple Fall || floorplan || Trompe Loeil ||  Cheeky Pea || Beachstreet Home || LISP ||  Zigana


8 thoughts on “Blue Lagoon

    • Ha, Mr & Mrs. Bulb. XD Yeah, they are awesome. I just love rooms in little houses/skyboxes. You should check the poses too while you’re there. 😀

  1. oh yes I could absorb it today !!! 😉
    the prefab home looks super, the wooden floor seems to give the place a nice warm feel & i liked the red painted walls.

    • Yay! I’m glad you liked it. I’m not sure if it shows here if you embiggen the pic, but inworld the top of the windows are a bit scruffy. As if someone short decided to wash the windows but couldn’t quite reach that far, so had to leave the upper part dirtier. I LOVE details like that. 🙂

      • ummm no I dint notice the scruffy that’s why we have you checking out all these places for us !!! 🙂

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