Which Celebrity Looks Like Me?

I see your bandwagon, I raise you a super vanity. LOL

Which Celebrity Looks Like Me? :PPose: ‘Dork’ – Kuro in Motion

Dress: Absent Minded Friends – Liv Glam Halloween Hunt || Hair: Manon – Diva || Necklace: Tall Feather Necklace (Flamingo) – Balaclava!! || Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands (Bag) – Slink

So Berry’s Avatar Lookalike meme this week is one that has gone viral on Plurk, and one that I have been avoiding because I didn’t think I should set the standards too high for all RL celebrities…you know? (You guys know I’m kidding right? Like, there is this understanding of the word ‘joke’ and ‘sarcasm’? :D)

Anyhoo, anyhoo, I wanted to use this pose from Kuro in Motion but couldn’t find an occasion to, until now, that is! The pose is called ‘Dork’ and you can change the texture of the sign by using a graphic editing program of your preferences. This is the original sign.

I’ve missed a lot of memes since the ToS one, and since I’m up for some fun tonight, I thought I’d jump on this fun bandwagon. 🙂 After all,  I don’t mind all the fun people sitting in that wagon right now.


Lana & AikoSkins: Lana (left) & Aiko (right) – Belleza

Eyes: Daydream 2 eyes (Blackgold) – Umeboshi (group gift)

Why the long faces? XD

So, I was thinking, surely, with Lana I will get someone cute and young. Whoever are kids into nowadays? Perhaps a young Monica Belluci lookalike? And with Aiko, oh, Aiko shall shall get Gong Li, my idol!





Sandra Bullock, oh yeah, I’ll so do Jesse James at least once, raawwrrr. Don’t you squint at me, Pitty! I’m not too happy about this either!!

I didn’t mind JLo but did they have to choose a pic where she looked half-drunk? -_-

We have space in the bandwagon! Plug your face here and have a seat next to me. 😀 Unless you get all the beautiful people, then no, don’t sit next to me. Hmmpffh!

Well, after all that excitement, I shall end this post with news of a discount.

If you still don’t have those Mon Cheri mesh lashes that everyone is raving about, but still want lashes without looking like a dragqueen with prim lashes, then perhaps you can try tattoo lashes. This cosmetic set is only for L$50 @ LDG’s inworld store at the moment, which includes two sets of tattoo lashes (with lower lid lashes and without).

If you’re not sure if this would suit you, feel free to try a demo.


I know the concept of tattoo lashes is not new and perhaps a bit outdated, but hey, L$50 and is a handy quick fix until you jump into the lashes bandwagon.


I’m probably not doing the lashes justice (LOL) but this is what mine looks like and I like it!


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