The Lakehouse of Reflection

How do you ‘SL’?

And also, did you know that some people find my way of SL-ing a waste of time?  Haha. To elaborate, a quote extracted from this well-meaning person was “what’s the use of living in a virtual world, just to stay on your platform and do nothing?”


I believe this is a fair question. I also have a sensible answer. People always say “SL is what you make of it,” sometimes you wonder if they really mean “SL is what WE want you to make of it, and God help thee should thee deviate from the masses!”.


✤ Perry Chair (Ethnic Diamond & Tribal Earth) – junk || ✤ Fast dinner table – !! Follow Us !!

If I could turn back time, I’m sure I’d have considered interior decorating as a  profession, instead of going to Business School.

But then again, I do not want to turn back time. I’m happy with what I do for a living. And I did enjoy Business School immensely.


  • ✤Fall Cafe Crate (FREE!) – ::A&A:: for Dirty Turkey Hunt (Hint: Tranquil gardening is sure to lift anyones spirits.)

✤cushion pile. english garden. – junk || ✤Mossy Herb Planters (Parsley) – ::A&A:: || Fancy Telescope – Dysfunctional Designs @ Genre || ✤Wood Table Set – Kuro for The Neighbourhood || industrial lighting – floorplan @ Collabor88

Why can’t one love many things? Why should we pigeonhole ourselves so severely? “This is my thing”, I believe we can have multiple “my thing” and not diminish any of our “thing” at all.

I love what I do, and for some reason some people find that also loving to decorate and write incompatible with ‘my thing’. I don’t have a problem indulging in all my likes. 🙂

For most of us, SL is enabling. A disabled person can feel whole here. A person with certain kinks can indulge in it here. If you crave a family, you can find loving and supportive families in SL. You cannot be a cat, a dragon or a warrior in RL…but you can in SL. There are no barriers.

A Gorean slave today, a cyberpunk ass tomorrow, a geisha next week, a supermodel next month…whatever your mind can conceive, your avatar can achieve.

What is your vice? It is very likely that SL will have a space for it.

Window View

  • ✤ropey shelf (wood) – junk for The Neighbourhood (200L$ for Saturday only!)

✤Lilac & Twigs Pottery Crock (Pink) – ::A&A:: || Miyazaki Drafting Table – Standby Inc. || Rustic Wall Hangar w/ Scarf – Dysfunctional Designs || ✤morgan drawers – junk || ✤Wooden Vases – Kuro @ The Gallery Gift Shop || Rolled Paper Rack – PILOT @ Collabor88

So this. This is how I SL. My chance to enter into an interior decorating profession has passed, and I honestly don’t think I’m game to anyway.

I’m not brave enough to drop a comfortable life to devote my time to writing 100%. For all I know, I’ll suck at it, and only enjoy it for whimsical reasons.

Besides, I have a feeling that once it is a ‘job’ instead of a ‘pastime’, I will grow to resent it. As of now, if I have no inspiration, no story in my head, I ‘switch off’ and do something else because I do not depend on writing to feed myself.

Cluttered Desk

  • ✤Wooden Table Set – Kuro for The Neighbourhood (200L$ for Saturday only!)

✤Lilac & Twigs Pottery Crock (Purple & Pink) – ::A&A:: || caged wisdom – floorplan || birdcage bookends – floorplan || Scale with books + Mason Jars and Notebook – Sari-Sari || pride & prejudice manuscript – floorplan || acorn coffee – !Ohmai @ atelier kreslo || Classic Typewriter (Red) – KOPI || bird bath – {vespertine} || Friend open letter – End of Daze || with love (letter piles under the table) – Zigana

SL is my avenue to buy houses upon houses and furnitures after furnitures, arrange it virtually and then attempt to entertain you with some atrocious writings. (LOL)

Despite the ability to be anything and everything in SL, I find myself buying things that actually reflects my core. Books, typewriters, handwritten letters, vases and pots of flowers…these are the things that the RL me values.

As Night Fall...

I suppose I should broaden my SL a little bit…maybe tomorrow.

Maybe next month.

Maybe next year.

But for now, my platform is pretty and my cottages are cozy. So I’ll just sit here comfortably while you shake your head at how pitiful I’m SLiving my SLife. 😀

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13 thoughts on “The Lakehouse of Reflection

  1. This was well said.. as I often get told that I need to get out and enjoy Second Life more. I enjoy the little that I do, so I’m happy there is others who share the same thoughts. 🙂

    • Yay! Well, we do go out don’t we? Getting off our platform to go shopping is ‘going out’. 😀 I do have friends who are happy vagabonds, they return with stories of their adventures. But when I join in, I find that I don’t enjoy myself as much as they are. The same way they just don’t get the idea of…just…decorating. LOL

      • I’m the same way! It’s like even when I’m going out with people I am still messing around in my inventory.. which is why I often end up wearing or removing stuff by accident. I just enjoy my company best.. and gives me time to ponder on things and also decorate too. 🙂

        Happy decorating!

  2. There may or may not be a ‘wrong’ way to SLive, but what you do: entertaining yourself, creating beauty, sharing whimsical writings that brighten our days, and all the while harming no one, is obviously a very right way to SLive. You go, girl, or rather, you go ahead and stay, girl! 😛

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