Miss Fire Blossom

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that an unmarried leng da guan must be in want of a Tai Tai. However little known the feelings or views of the da guan may be on his first entering a Yi, this truth is so well fixed in the minds of the surrounding families, that he is considered as the rightful property of some one or other of their neui.”


Dress: Short Qipao (Embroided Red & Black Blossoms) – Tuty
Shoes: Paris Peeptoe Black Satin – GOS

  • leng da guan – Handsome rich man.
  • Tai Tai – A higher form of ‘Mrs.’, especially when she marries into money.
  • Yi – county
  • neui – daughter

So I totally stole that opening line from my favourite book ever and turned it into a Cantonese County story. Because!

I’m sure by now everyone knows there is a Water Lantern Festival going on in SL. This bag is one of the RARES from Junbug’s Fire Blossom gacha. There are three rares you can win; I’m wearing Red Dragon one.

Rare Trinity

Clockwise from top:
✤Fire Blossom Blue Silk RARE, ✤Fire Blossom Red Dragon RARE, ✤Fire Blossom Pink Silk RARE
Junbug @ Water Lantern Festival.


Bag: ✤Fire Blossom Red Dragon (rare) – Junbug @ Water Lantern Festival
Hair: Uffie Hair (1L!!) – Faenzo (special thanks for Xanthe for the tip!)
Eyes: Sunrise Eyes (Deep Brown) – IKON

You can donate towards relief effort for the recent Haiyan Typhoon Disaster (Philippines) at the SL Water Lantern Festival. My Twinnie, Beauty, has been hard at work on actual ground zero and has been travelling to some parts of the Philippines to aid those in need. So, in honour of her, I took this pic in her favourite sim. She is there most of the time, and I don’t blame her, Yogyakarta is beautiful and peaceful. It is built based on the real Borobudur, and I once saw the builder built a massive part from the ground up. The temple is indeed handmade!

Here’s a video of Yogya sim, narrated by Beauty.

++TP to Yogyakarta++

If you’re not the kind to shop inworld, or if the Festival also have an emotional connotation, or maybe you’re just more interested in helping out in RL terms,  here’s a list of all the relief effort you can donate to. There is an urgency for food and water, so if you’re more inclined to give in RL and instantly, I would highly recommend doing so.  Or if you are in the USA, UK or Canada, here are ways on how you can donate easily:

  • USA: Text AID to 27722 to donate $10
  • UK: Text AID to 70303 to donate £3
  • Canada: Text RELIEF to 45678 to donate $5

P.S: I mention this festival in lieu of the disaster and to appreciate the hard work the designers and organizers go through in helping out, but I myself haven’t actually been to the Festival. I also have no desire to go to it.  I’ve never been to a Water Lantern Festival in RL since 1998, the year after my grandfather passed away. I don’t think I’m game to go to one in SL, the word itself is enough to catapult me back to 15 years ago. I thought I should be transparent about this at least, since I make a point of always checking out the hunt/event whenever an item is from there. 


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