Be The Kind of Woman…

Beautiful Life

My dears,

Beautiful Life

Be the kind of woman that people make way for.

Beautiful Life

Be the kind of woman that takes responsibility into her own hands, and does something with it.

Beautiful Life

Be the kind of woman whose accomplishments makes people stutter when they talk to her.

Beautiful Life

Be the kind of woman who doesn’t let the fact that she doesn’t have it all figured out hold her back.

Beautiful Life

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says, “Oh crap, She’s up!”

Weekend, aaaah. Come sit beside me and have a cuppa. 🙂 

I believe we can be both strong and graceful as a woman. There is no reason you cannot be strong and still maintain class and femininity. Resorting to male-style douchebaggery, loudness, vulgarity and uncouthness does not equal strength. After all, when was the last time you respect a douchebag, vulgar and uncouth manSo why do some women think that resorting to trailer-trash-ghettoness is the way to one-up men, and the way to being treated as a force worth respecting?

Anyway, musings aside…

I don’t usually ‘review’ per se, cos if I use the item in my pictures, then obviously I think it’s the duck’s nuts. But I’d like to point out that these poses are courtesy of this room.

The Room by Eternal Dream is taking a twist on the normal lightbox-system and instead made a skybox-style lightbox with 12 preloaded poses. It’s huge, maaaan. You can change the wallpaper too.

You know, when I got this, I didn’t even read the NC that came with it. I hate reading NCs. I unpacked it and went “AAAAAH IT’S A PRETTY SKYBOX!!” and proceeded to fill it up. It was by complete accident  that I discovered the poses: I stray-clicked on the structure and a menu popped out. Needless to say, all my original decoration was in the way of most of the poses (LOL!) and I had to adjust the decor to fit.

The Room is currently available for 200L at The Thrift Shop.

Making this a short post because I love this room and want to tell you about it, but I also know most of you are more preoccupied with Shoetopia at the moment. 😀

Have a lovely weekend, everyone. Stay safe and don’t break the bank buying shoes. x


In The Room On The Zee
✤The Room – Eternal Dream @ The Thrift Shop
Georgie Bed – Cheeky Pea
Lace Canopy (Natural Covered Wind) – Picnic
✤Beautiful Life vanity – !! Follow Us !!
✤Matchstick light (orange) – junk
✤cushion pile. vegetable soup. one – junk
✤Flowering Ideas – Kuro
✤Sidetable: Hope – A&A
Hanging Bookshelf – Alouette
caged wisdom – floorplan
✤Field of flowers – Persnickitty
Dress: Calypso Tankdress- Beetlebones
Coffee: Acorn Coffee – !Ohmai @ Atelier Kreslo
Hair: Manon – Diva
Skin: Lana – Belleza
Eyes: Quicksilver – IKON
Eyelashes: Tattoo Eyelashes – LDG
Manicure: Pearl – Diva Nail
Necklace: Please me – [glow] Studio
Hands: Casual and Bag – Slink
Feet: Medium Feet – Slink
Bracelets & Earrings: Pink Sakura Garden set – Pure Poison
✤Ring: Flower Diamond Solitare – Diamante Jewelry

4 thoughts on “Be The Kind of Woman…

  1. […] Lazy Sunday NC. Aren’t the string lights cool lookn?! Now if I can just putter my way to nab the canopy I saw at Zee’s plus these string lights, why.. I think we could have a lil shindig right on the Bayou whatcha […]

  2. I love discovering things like scripted walls 😉 I saw that lace canopy at Water Lantern Festival but never had a chance to dig to see who made it so yay now I know!

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