Of Shoes, Chairs, Gacha and Junk @ Shoetopia!

♫♫ I’m on the top of the world lookin’ down on creation
And the only explanation I can find
Is the love that I’ve found ever since you’ve been around
Your love’s put me at the top of the world ♫♫ [x]

Sitting On Top Of The World!Oh.

OHAI GUISE! How long have you been waiting down there?

Why am I sitting up here?

Well…why not? The world is quite beautiful from up here, sitting on stacked juju chairs from junk.


Did you like my singing?

Say what?


Let me just climb down...

Wait, let me come down to you. It’s kinda hard to hear you from way up here.

Gimme a minute…

Almost there...

Aah, this is better, methinks.

Zee is away for a bit this weekend so I’m taking over the blogging today. She told me I should put this out on Friday, at least a few hours before Shoetopia opens…

YES! Shoetopia! Is everyone excited yet? It’s opening in roughly 6 hours! (12noon SLT).

These chairs are gacha items from junk, available to play at Shoetopia SIM 2. The one with lamps attached to it are rares…and the lamps do work, ma dears!

Now, since it is not open to the public yet, I can’t give away the TP, but this is your opportunity to join the Shoetopia DEMO group for free and pre-shop. Trying shoes in the comfort of your own home, what could be better?

UPDATE: It’s open!

Shoetopia Sim 1 || Shoetopia Sim 2

Wait, let me climb down…my neck is getting a bit sore…

Hang on...

So, as I was saying...here’s the link to the Demo group and just check the notices for the demos available so far.

Pardon me? No, no, I’m quite alright, thank you for your concern. Us hamsters have very strong thigh muscles. I can keep this position for hours! Anyway…

Almost There...

…the junk‘s juju chairs gacha is only 50L per play. Each common comes with four animations and there are a different sets of animations in each chair. If you’re lucky enough to win the rares, you get 10 animations and a working lamp, all the better to shine on your pretty little feet, darlings!

All the poses I’ve used in this posts are courtesy of the juju chairs, with a little adjustments done to it since I’m a wee widdle hamster. But human Zee tried it before palming the assignment off to me and it worked perfect for her. ❤

Juju Chairs

Oh, just look at these, darlings…aren’t they pretty?

If you want to be as hamsterly as MZee Hamster, you can pick up a hamster avatar from the gacha @ Beetlebones, for 100L per play. And while you wait for Shoetopia to open, why not go visit junk inworld and see all the lovely things on offer? 

By the way, MZee Hamster would like to give a special shoutout to Horror Hood of The Horror!, the one responsible for this lovely terraforming and landscaping work. She is definitely better in this department than human Zee can ever be, for shame, Zee!

This post will be updated with a TP to Shoetopia when the venue opens to the public. In the meantime, happy DEMOing!

Shoetopia Sim 1 || Shoetopia Sim 2


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