Be a Groupie!

Short post because I have urgent news! 😀

First, let me show you the item:


Kuro: ✤The Cold Shed

Newness from Kuro: The Cold Shed. And guess what? You can get this free when you join Kuro Journal! Kuro Journal is the newly launched inworld group from Kuro/Kuro in motion, and it costs L$75 to join. Wearing the group tag when you shop at Kuro inworld entitles you to a 10% discount (excepting gacha and event items, of course). The Cold Shed available as a group gift for only 24 hours, so make sure you head there asap.

The original size was a bit too small for me, but enlarging it was just as easy as stretching the house. 🙂

TP to Kuro!

floorplan VIP group: 1L til Saturday, Nov 23

floorplan opened up an inworld VIP group, and the joining fee is only 1L for this week. After Saturday (Nov 23), the joining fee will be L$500. You get 5% store credit with each floorplan purchases as long as you wear the group tag. But dont’ take my word for it, get the info from the source here.

TP to floorplan!

So for this post, I’m using all Kuro and floorplan items. 😀

Bed in the Shed

  • From Kuro
    • Ilios bed – Texture changeable
    • ✤Kira floorlamp – Texture changeable
    • ✤Fall candles
    • ✤Wood stool – Part of ‘Wood Table Set’
    • ✤String lights curtain
  • From floorplan
    • dictionary prints

The Cold Shed

  • From Kuro
    • ✤Kira sofa (bold) – Texture changeable
    • ✤Log table
    • ✤String lights curtain
  • From floorplan
    • typewriter, sea foam (gacha)

Shed Office

  • From Kuro
    • Office Set (table, chair, boxes, books, pencils, wall lamp)
    • ✤Kira stool – texture change
    • ✤Vintage sewing machine
    • ✤Mrs. Bulb
  • From floorplan
    • reader print
    • birdcage bookends
    • wall paper
    • photo hanger

Warm Up in the Cold ShedFor some reason, I find showing this to you is very important. I have a lot of fireplaces, or prefabs with fireplaces but this is the first time I’ve had fireplaces options. I don’t know if getting excited about this shows you the level of my SL-uncoolness, but there you go LOL.

So what are you waiting for? Come be a groupie…like me! \(^o^)/

Join Kuro Journal || Join floorplan VIP group

TP to Kuro || TP to floorplan


4 thoughts on “Be a Groupie!

  1. ouch! L$500 ? I would say its all or nothing with the L$1 groupie plan

    I do like that log fire tho that would be fun to play with !

    • L$500 is a bit steep, isn’t it? That is why I rushed to get the news out. I have another group with the same joining fee and so far the monthly group gifts were worth it. >_<

      So I'm not crazy pointing out the fireplace then? Haha. Thanks danaf! x

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