Virtual Elegance

We must never confuse elegance with snobbery.
Yves Saint Laurent

Blue Elegance

I’m a bit late in blogging this dress, considering Cosmopolitan Sales Room will turn over a new round soon. But this is the Paris Dress by Glow Designs, and it’s 70L$ @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room for this round (til 24th Nov, so be quick!). After the event, it will available at the mainstore for full price.

Anyone fancy taking this lady to the Opera for the weekend? I’m all gloved up too, so I’m dressed proper for the opera, right?

I’m showing the dress with and without the shoulder option for a reason: propriety, dahlings! If you’re the Opera singer, then it is becoming of you to wear the shoulder attachments because you’re the star! But if you’re going to the Opera to listen? Let’s not upstage the poor singer by taking the attention away from her, go without the shoulder frills. Haha!

It took me forever to look for gloves. I hardly shop at MP because I love inworld stores’ ambiance and sometimes I forget I can just do a quick search there. These pair of gloves are Slink addons, can you believe it?

Why the quote? After the cut.


Dress: ✤Paris Dress – Glow Designs,  70L$ @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room (til 24th Nov)
Hair: Twisted Sister – Loovus Dzevavor
Skin: Diamond X5 – eStyle Paris
Earrings & Necklace Set: ✤Earth Butterly – Stars!
Gloves: Opera Gloves Slink Appliers – Adam & Eve
Ring: ✤Moonlit Brooch Ring – Diamante Jewelry
Curtain backdrop: Ruffle Curtains (Texture changeable) – Mudhoney

Beautiful Avatar, Ugly Typist?

You’re a beautiful avatar.

But are you elegant? Do you actually have class, or are you just a beautiful but empty rattling tin?

Are you one of those people who turn your noses down on noob looking avatars? Or perhaps to avatar still wearing system clothes? Or to avatars who chases freebies? Or furries?

Do you find your beautiful pixel self above everyone else?

Did you know that a lot of creators you buy from, the people that makes you and I SLife a better experience, the many scripters we have…actually takes the form of either a furry or a noobvatar? Because you know, their main thing is to create and experiment, not to dress up and be pretty.

And besides, how can you be so sure that a ‘beautiful’ avatar means beautiful personality?

There is no need for virtual snobbery.

We live a Virtual Life. Anyone can be anything and it’s really dangerous (and silly!) to judge a virtual person by their ‘cover’. Anyone can be beautiful in SL. That’s the drawing power. And it doesn’t cost much.

You can control your avatar’s appearances. What you cannot control is their personality and core…because your avatar is still you.

Your avatar is beautiful and seems elegant. It’s an avatar. The problem begins when you lose sight of this and starts letting your avatar appearance get into your head.

We can spend a lot of time and effort to make our avatar a more beautiful representation of ourself. How about we also take the time and effort to make sure us as the typist have a beautiful and elegant personality too?


Penny for your thoughts?

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