Garage Hideaway

Hallooooo everyone!

Oh, how I’ve missed blogging. Trying to juggle two lives and several projects in both lives can be a challenge. Things has been a bit hectic lately, so yesterday I went to my ‘happy place’ and decorate. \(^o^)/

Remember this Man Den? Well, this time I’m in the mood to make another one…with a twist.

Garage HideawayStructure: Hiding Place 01 - {iD}
Vrooom Sofa Red - 22769 ~ [bauwerk] @ The Mens Department || Ventilation pipe V1 - bbqq || Retro Puzzle Carpet - ::db:: || Industrial Chandelier- Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88 ||

It’s Thanksgiving right now on your side of the world, dear American friends. So I’m refraining from doing a Christmassy post until at least December 1st. But you can still shop around for gifts right now, right?

No Girls Allowed?"The Tube" Beer Tap (Weissbier) - 11th Hour || Dean's BeanBag - 11th Hour (Group Gift) || Haywood Pipe Shelf - PILOT || ✤recycled theatre seats. vintage. - junk || Nostalgia Set 33 1/3 rpm - Second Spaces || Nostalgia Set 8mm tall stack - Second Spaces || Home Theater System - End of Daze || ✤Mr. Bulb - Kuro || Retro Disco Carpet - ::db:: || Voronoi Table - Cheeky Pea @ FaMESHed || ✤Soda fridge (Red & White sold separately) - !! Follow US !! 

I think buying gifts for men is always the hardest thing to do. Every gifting season, I struggle to find what to gift my Man, my Brother and my Dad.

Bam! FoosballTiberius Frame Boldly 1 - 22769~[bauwerk] || ✤Working girl desk - !! Follow US !!  || Nolan Painted Foosball Table - Cheeky Pea @ The Mens Department ||  Dj Booth - End of Daze || Truckin Ell... Wall Art v2 - Michigan's Shack

The best gift we can give them is to stop yapping for a day. But since that is not gonna happen anytime soon, we’re just going to pile them with gifts.

It’s easier. Not to mention do-able.

ManbedT-Read Bookshelf - Consignment || Route 66 Sign - 7 Emporium (Group Gift) ||  World Map - 22769~[bauwerk] || McCoy Bedside Table - PILOT || Stepside Bed - Consignment || Gas pump (gacha item) - 19MC || Ego Bike - Egoisme (Past Group Gift)

I’d like to talk about this corner here…

WorkdesksMiyazaki Drafting Table - Standby Inc. || ✤Working Girl Desk - !! Follow Us !! || Balanced Bookshelf - Alouette || Time Machine! Teleporter - 7 Emporium || Tiberius Frame Boldly 1 - 22769~[bauwerk]

Both tables have texture-change options!


The above table from !! Follow Us !! is called a Working Girl table…so yes, I know it was meant to be for girls but look at it, it can easily be manly, yes?


And the Miyazaki Drafting Table from Standby Inc. I’m not entirely sure why I am obsessed with Drafting Tables…I have several in my Inventory. Maybe channeling my frustration of not realizing my childhood architectural dreams?

My favourite texture is the Houseplan & the Blueprint. Show me a Blueprint with Houseplans and we can skip third base.

Which may be or may not be how my Man got me. 😛

Ooeer, this escalated quickly…now on to the other item!

Time Travel!

This is definitely my favourite purchase this month! The Time Travel Machine from 7 Emporium is a teleporter, and that dial on the left actually moves. 😀 Now, I do have a teleporter prior to this because I’m a lazy avatar and can’t be bothered to even virtual-walk/run/fly to my various builds on my own grounds (First World Problem in Second Life…I need help). But this is my first absolutely good-looking teleporter!

All you have to do is just rezz one on each of your locations, name each Time Travel Machine differently and the machine will do the rest. No fiddling with scripts, no fiddling with Notecards and oh-so-good-looking. The machine works on the same parcel only though, so if you own several lands across several regions, you need to quit being lazy and just teleport the usual way instead. 😛

Alrighty, that’s it for today. 🙂

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones, and a safe Black Friday. ❤

Events: The Mens Dept || FaMESHed || Collabor88

♥ Kuro || junk || !! Follow Us !! ♥

iD || 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Standby Inc. || ::db:: || bbqq || 11th Hour || End of Daze || Cheeky Pea || Second Spaces || PILOT || Michigan’s Shack || Consignment || Alouette || 7 Emporium || Trompe Loeil


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