Kraken Skies is Open!

Kraken Skies

Helllo guuys!

How fast time flies…it’s now 1st December. Scary huh?

Well, Arcade opened for a new round today and of course, Xanthe, Horror and I put on our Gacha Gladiatress armour and away we went, went, went to battle the Gacha Field.

For the past few weeks we have been working on this: a yardsale. 🙂 Sure, we could always go to any yardsale but we wanted ours and with less tables (we only have 15+ tables to rent out and also our own tables) so it’s easier for everyone to navigate.

We opened it today so come and visit us!

It’s a bit bare at the moment, our army is still out on the Arcade Battlefield. So there are still tables up for rent and the first week is free. I’m making it super cheap cos it’s supposed to be for fun: 10L per week for 10 prims. \(^o^)/ Once you pay the rental box, the money will be refunded back to you. Remember to accept the group invite and wear the group tag if you’re rezzing. You can re-sell any gacha items there, Arcade or not. As long as it is gacha item.

Are you a yardsale browser? Keep updated with the Kraken Skies blog or Kraken Skies Tumblr where the gacha addicts will be posting what’s up for sale. 😀 It is still quite empty at the moment because they’re still out there. HOHO!

But we’re not just about spending! You don’t have to shop or to rent a table to be here. Even if you have no intention of buying, come hang out anyway. We even have a gift out:


Yessir! Free iceskates, so you can come skate with us. I mean, no point putting a skating rink on if no one is gonna skate, huh?

Horror did a great job with the skates. See, even our little Kraken is excited about winter and Christmas. ^_^

Just find it under the tree, next to Jeremiah Deersdale.

Where To Get Your Pressie

Who is Jeremiah Deersdale?

Why not find out?

Come over and listen to classical music (we posh!), grab a coffee or hot chocolate from the stall, browse stuff and skate your heart away.

++TP to Kraken Skies!++


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