Open House: Crystal Oak Falls

Nature XXVIII Autumn
-Emily Dickinson-

Crystal Oak Falls

The morns are meeker than they were,
The nuts are getting brown;
The berry’s cheek is plumper,
The rose is out of town.
The maple wears a gayer scarf,
The field a scarlet gown.
Lest I should be old-fashioned,
I’ll put a trinket on.

Crystal Oak Falls 2

Emily Dickinson’s poem was inspired by the colours of Autumn in her native New England. Not quite sure what ‘New England autumn scene’ means? Then go see for yourself at Crystal Oak Falls. 

Melinda Palianta has generously opened up her New England style parcel to the public and it is breathtaking!

So I’ve been telling her that she should do an open house but did she listen? Noooo. But then her Estate Manager was all ‘you should do an open house!’ and she went ‘OK!’…I’m feeling a bit unloved here….*sniffs*

The Open House is open til the 8th of December, when she will turn it into a winter scene. It’s winter everywhere in SL at the moment so if you’re trying to hang on to the last few days of  Autumn, come visit! She did an amazing job and she did it sleep deprived, which resulted in her returning half of her land to her Estate. *facepalms*

The place never looks the same anytime I come over to visit prior to the open house…so I admire her restraints on rebuilding at the moment. I know not changing things around daily is hard for her. HAHA!

The place is big, but not so big that it feels too overwhelming. It’s cozy and intimate so if you’re looking for a quiet, romantic place…well…;)

It’s great for photo taking, because it was built with SL photographers in mind. There are poses in some of the fences, gates, grounds etc…check for ‘sits’, you’d be surprised.

Grab a hot drink at the entrance, go feed her horse (actually, don’t…it’s on a special diet and Melinda will scream at me) and rememebr to take advantage of the boat rezzer on the dock (bring your special friend!).


Crystal Oak Falls 3

No need to pack a picnic…food is all there. 😉

Tired after exploring and boat rowing and horse-feeding (don’t feed!)? Then relax here in the Trompe Loeil Kumotori’s Bath house. 

Crystal Oak Falls 4

 Oh, also…no hanky panky, ok?

I can’t have her think I’m sending riffraffs to her land, she’d ban me forever. LOL

Happy Exploring, munchkins. ❤

++TP to Crystal Oak Falls++




13 thoughts on “Open House: Crystal Oak Falls

  1. […] I wrote about Crystal Oak Falls when the parcel was in ‘Autumn’ and took some pictures there too. If you guys think it was beautiful in Autumn, wait til you see the Winter! It’s lovely and there are a lot of romantic spots around; you should definitely grab your paramour and have a winter date. […]

  2. I will have to pop over and take a stroll. I love, love, love to see what other residents do with their land. Takes two fingers points them at my eyes and then at Cao….I’m watching you 🙂

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