Christmas Attic + Four Walls Hunt

Is it snowing where you are?

Christmas Attic 1Structure: equinox attic skyloft – vespertine
(Sim is closed for winter reconstruction and the skyloft is not currently available at the MP)

So I’ve been told that it has officially snowed in some parts of the world this week. Let me express my jealousy. I have never experienced snow in my life, and we are always fed with the image of Wintery Christmas. As much as I love my Summer & BBQ Christmas, I think it would be romantic to one day experience a Snow Christmas. 🙂

For you guys snowed in this weekend, come into the warmth of my Christmas Attic. And if you’re game for an activity, maybe do the Four Walls hunt too?

Four Walls Hunt: Stores, Hints & Previews

Christmas Attic 2Cookie tree – Kuro || Old Chalk Board – tarte || ivan stools – junk || Winter Window Seat – Sanctuaire
Winter Cubby Armchair – {what next} ||  Old Winter Sports Makeshift Shelf – Ispachi
Shabby chic star on wall 2 – Myrrine
Hard Shell Travel Case (LILAC NIALL) – Breno || Xmas 2013 Book Tree (green) – Organica 

I did the Four Walls Hunt and I had great fun putting this together. Everything you see here except for the structure is from the hunt. It runs til the 15th of December and each hunt item costs 20L to grab.

Christmas Attic 3naptime daybed / winter – floorplan || Candle vases – JoHaDeZ || wintertide. chairs – [*Art Dummy!]
Three Kings – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Dev Sled Table – 11th Hour

As I understand it, the items would still be available to buy after the hunt, but at normal retail price. So if you want all these EXTREMELY high quality items for deeply discounted price, I highly recommend you do this hunt.

Christmas Attic 6 Notes to Santa (Gold)Consignment || Christmas Tree BookshelvesAlouette || Joy ShelfCollage

I’m going to be less rambly this month. I’ve been mentally exhausted.

Work is getting crazier as everyone is panicking before the Christmas hols. My tempers have been short, my patience even more so. My patience is in short supply at the best of days as it is! I’m trying to be less cranky and keep reminding myself that December rush is peanuts compared to July’s rush (the tax filing month here).

Christmas Attic 5Winter BuntingLark

“If we couldn’t dream, our lives wouldn’t mean anything anymore”. Isn’t that so true!  I need to allow myself to indulge in whimsical dreams. I always have to remind myself that tomorrow is another day.

Christmas Attic 4Xmas table +accessories 1. BananaN || Weihnachtsteller – Sari-Sari || wintertide. chairs – [*Art Dummy!] 
Tree shelf & gifts – Marmelade || Metal Tree Topiary – Mudhoney || Landon FireplaceDIGS
Christmas Banner- Sari-Sari || A-FrAmE(B) – {iD} || Joy shelf – Collage ||
Notes to Santa (Gold) – Consignment || Christmas Tree BookshelvesAlouette

I’m getting 3 weeks off for Christmas. I can’t wait to ‘switch off’ and just spend time lounging with my nearest and dearest. 🙂

Happy weekend, everyone. Stay safe this snow season.


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