Winter Cottage: Exterior

Winter Cottage

I’ve been itching to use this house for a long time now, and I finally got around to it, yes!

I bought this cute and cozy house a while ago from Ouchi-ya ++HY’s++. It’s called House #7a, and it’s one of my fave. I checked her blog quickly in the middle of writing this and saw that there is a Christmas house out til the 28th and only for 300L, so grab it quick!

I finally caved in today and bought Studio Skye’s Four Season Enchanted Wood (V2). It is perfect! My landscaping skill is shockingly bad just like in RL, so something modular and dummy-proof like this set is a great help. Now, if only I could replicate this ‘rezz-and-place’ landscaping method in RL, my lives would be doubly complete.

I’ll show you the interior tomorrow because right now, I’m about to fall off my chair and snore the night away.  *yawn* It’s been a long day but the good news is the Man is coming home tomorrow, I’m excited!! 🙂

(Ok, so maybe you didn’t need to know that…but….oh well! ^__^)


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