Winter Cottage: Interior

Continuation from this post.

Structure: House #7a –  Ouchi-ya ++HY’s++

This should have been up earlier but the Man was home and I was distracted. 😛

Anyhoo, anyhoo!

Winter Cottage: Bird's Eye View

Ram Chaise – Apple Fall || Around The World Drawer Shelf – Alouette || ✤Precious Time Desk – A&A || Impact Throne Chair (Cyprus) – Apple Fall & Flowey @ Atelier Kreslo || Dean Door Shelf Autumn – Cheeky Pea || ✤Recycled Paper Bag –Serenity Style || ✤Dancing In The Rain – A&A

The interior is as cozy as it looks from outside. Now you know why I like this house so much.

A few days ago, one of my pic was chosen as SL Pic of The Day. I would have gone blissfully unaware of it since I was offworld, but Xanthe IMed me (it went straight to email) and Berry tagged me on FB… I was so stoked! Can you spot the Happy Family from this vantage point?

I’m not sure how SLPOTD is chosen but thank you for choosing me twice. I thought getting it the first time in August was pretty darn cool, so getting it a second time was doubly amazing. \(^o^)/

Also, you guys should check out the latest SL Pic of the Day. It’s from one of my favourite SL Blogger & Photographer, Carthalis Rossini, and it’s bloody hilarious!!

Winter Cottage: Sitting Room

Heart of Polaroids – Apple Fall || ✤Georgie Couch (apple) – junk || star marquee – floorplan || wanda magazine tablejunk || Silvia Standing Art – Aria || Kangaroo & Crocodile (sold separately) – D-Lab || Books – Apple Fall || vintage travel poster – floorplan || Fancy telescope – Dysfunctional Designs || Ram Chaise – Apple Fall || Bird Nerd – Book & Binoculars – Lark (seems to be N/A atm)

It’s Friday the 13th on SL when this is being written, but on my side of the world it’s already Saturday 14th. Which means it is only 11 days to Christmas.


Winter Cottage: Kitchen

✤Cups (C) – Kuro @ The Gallery Gift Shop || Simplistic Little Hutch – Dysfunctional Designs || antique table (desk type) – Picnic || ✤Strawberry Santa – Kuro || tea for 2 – [keke] || sink – Zigana || Oven (part of a Kitchen Unit, mod) – MMG

I am mildly panicking. I just did a massive food shopping today, and I swear I don’t ever want to grocery shop for the next 20 years or so. LOL

Winter Cottage

Autumn Hurrican Candleholder – Alouette || ✤Dancing in The Rain – A&A || Wine Light – tarte  (group gift, free to join)

Like I mentioned in this post…some of us are not looking upon Christmas so joyfully, with the thoughts of family members converging for the week. LOL. Is anyone bracing for the ‘family storm’, especially when we are full of piss and bad manners? 😛 Well, like the quote on the decal, ‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain’.

Family drama storm? Dance around it and remember that this crazies are our flesh-and-blood and we really don’t have a choice (HAHAHA!).

Winter Cottage: Bathroom

✤Natural Bathtub Set (tub, towel ladder & stool) – Kuro || Shower Accessories Set – End of Daze || Roya Bathroom Carpet – Bazar

Remember not to stress too much!

And if you find yourself stressing…maybe excuse yourself to take a long bath…

Winter Cottage: Bathroom 2

Old Bathroom Cabinet & Mirror – {vespertine}

…with the bathroom door conveniently leading to the backyard…

Winter Cottage: Bathroom 3

Shaving Kit – PILOT

…and they’ll be none the wiser.



3 thoughts on “Winter Cottage: Interior

  1. Congratz on the pic of the day! I told you it was the best mug shot I had ever seen!
    The winter cottage is awesome too all that detail is so amazing.

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