Lady or Tramp?

She appeared out of nowhere. We didn’t know who she was or where she came from.

The Lady...Pose: Gown Pose #9 – Musa

Recently widowed, she told me sadly. I offered my sympathy, but I am ashamed to admit it was hard to feel genuinely sorry for a woman dripping in opulence.

The LadyPose: Female Pose A #5 – Sari-Sari

The fact that she could afford purple-dyed fabric signified her station in life. Or perhaps her late husband’s station in life. Purple hair ornaments. Purple tinted ring with a huge diamond on it. Gold buttons. Intricate embroidery.

The Lady's BlingPose: Ringleader (dollarbie!) – Rack Poses

When I told my husband, the Viscount, he was a little bit disturbed by my association with the Lady. “But why, husband?” I asked. “Surely, you will not object to me offering comfort to a fellow friend?”

Viscoung bristled. “A unknown young woman like that did not come to a fortune because she is innocent. You would do well not to associate with her.”

I thought my husband was being harsh so I disobeyed him. In my wish to show a fellow woman Christian sisterly love, I invited her to all my gatherings. I did not want her to grieve alone and feel left out.

The TrampPose: Gown Pose #17 – Musa

And so that was my first Christian sin. I should have never disobeyed my Husband. Had I listened to his advice…

The TrampPose: Ringleader (dollarbie!) – Rack Poses

…I would have prevented her creeping her way into my husband’s heart and into being the new Viscountess.

A Lady by Day, a Tramp by Night. 😉


Genre will open to the public later today (15th Dec) at 12noon SLT. SLurl is provided for your convenience, but the venue will be closed until official opening time.

Update: So it occured to me that my pic of the ring is not clear. It is stunning inworld, see a better pic here.

Outfit & Accesories

Corset: ✤Lady Mistletoe Corset (Fuschia) – Junbug for Genre: Victorian
Skirt: ✤Lady Mistletoe Skirt (Fuschia) – Junbug for Genre: Victorian (note: this skirt is an ADD-ON, sold separately. You must have the corset in order for the skirt to work properly)
Boots: Trinity Thigh High Boots – Hollyhood
Earrings and necklace: ✤Frosted Romance – Diamante Jewelry @ Frost Winter Fashion Fair
Ring: ✤Victorian Princess (Limited Edition) – Diamante Jewelry @ Jewelry & Accessories Expo
Gloves: Opera Gloves (Slink Applier) – Adam & Eve


Skin: Tara #9 – Belleza @ The Arcade (Dec ’13)
Hair & hair accessory: Maria – Amacci
Eyes: Spectral Eyes (Oxidation) – IKON @ FaMESHed
Eyeshadow: Mono2 – Musa
Eyelashes: Eyelash tattoo – LDG
Lipstick: Song Lipgloss #9 – Essences


Gazebo: Snow Dusted Gazebo – Barnesworth Anubis
Piano: Grand Piano – LISP
Flower: ✤Lilac & Twigs Pottery Crock – A&A


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