Arcade Ship Found!

ZEE, A FEW OTHERS OVER HERE. We’re gonna be rich! COME ON, GET ‘EM!

Apocalyptica ChristmasBarell Chair – Xero Tree || Windmill – Consignment @ FaMESHed || Steampunk Squirrel Companion – !Ohmai (N/A instore atm) || Apocalyptic Xmas Ornaments – 8f8 @ The Arcade Gacha Dec ’13

Do I have to? Cos, you know, it’s hard to get motivated when I’m having such a relaxing time perching awkwardly like this…WHATDOYOUTHINKI’MDOING,HAVINGFUNBALANCINGMYSELF?

Sorry, sorry…I’m just excited, we just finished this Christmas tree and now there are extras lying about that we can sell at Kraken Blackmarket

I know that.

This is going to be worth heaps!

Apocalyptica ChristmasSkin: Vera (America) – Glam Affair || Hair: ✤Warpath – The Stringer Mausoleum || Eyes: Witch Eyes (Sadness) – IKON || Collar: ✤Innocense Collar – Diamante Jewelry || Facial Piercings – Unisex Face Piercings ~Serie Z2~ – Phoebe’s

Will you keep quiet? I’m trying to concentrate.

Ok, ok…sorry. Man, are you snippy.

Do you think there will be more where this came from?

Perhaps. From the map, this looks like the location where the ship sunk…so there might be more under there. 

How did you get this map anyway? Pretty sure this is super secret squirrel stuff? It said Coast of Apocalyptica…we’re nowhere near there…

You said it yourself. I’m a Super Secret Squirrel. Anytime The Apocalyptic Times mention a location, always, always look the other direction. Nothing is literal. 

Apocalyptica ChristmasBarell Chair – Xero Tree || Windmill – Consignment @ FaMESHed || Steampunk Squirrel Companion – !Ohmai || Apocalyptic Xmas Ornaments – 8f8 @ The Arcade Gacha Dec ’13

Ok. Mark this location. For now, we’ll pick up what is floating here.

Wait, wait!

What now?

Apocalyptica ChristmasBoots: Leets – The Horror! || Emergency Xmas Tree RARE – 8f8 @ The Arcade Dec ’13

Are you getting in? Like that?

…oh, you’re right. I can’t jump into the water dressed in all this fabulousity. Let me just dig out a swimsuit….FROMMYINVISIBLEBACKPACK!!!

Stop being snippy at me! I meant, take your shoes off! It’s going to weight you down.

Apocalyptica LeetBoots: Leets – The Horror! || Emergency Xmas Tree RARE – 8f8 @ The Arcade Dec ’13 || Fossil Hunter Map & Notes – Consignment @ The Arcade Dec ’13

Oh. Right. Sorry.

Why are you so cranky? We’re already going to make money from this. People in Apocalyptica would kill to get a Christmas tree, complete with ornaments. 

I read somewhere that people used to have green pine trees for Christmas. I wonder what that is like? What are pine trees, even.

Yes, I wonder if pine nuts tastes as good as the legend says too…

I’m starving. Hopefully we get a bit to eat tonight.

I told you, you humans are inefficient organic beings. All I need keep me going? A handful of nuts. And that won’t even feed you for an hour. 

My head is pounding, your chattering is driving me nuts. Please shut up.

Apocalyptica Christmas

And now I’m cold and wet. I live a charming life.

Well, with all these, we will have a warm Christmas this year. 

Do you really think these would sell? How much do you think these will fetch?

A complete set…possibly around 1000L? We have to see if there are other stocks at other black markets out there. We need to check in with Caleb Bryant too, he seems to have connections to every underground black market there is. But on its own, it’s 25L per piece. 

25L per piece! Holy…that is good enough for a week’s worth of hot meals. People would pay for ornamental objects?

My dear, people would pay for happiness. And if they think a few Christmas ornaments on a pseudo-Christmas tree to put up on Christmas day is what will make them happy, they will buy it. 

How can anyone be happy with this? What is its purpose? You can’t eat it, you can’t keep yourself warm with it…

It’s purpose is hope and happiness. In tough times, little useless things matters. You need food and warmth to survive. Others need hope to cling to, to survive. 

Apocalyptica ChristmasShorts: ✤Shorties Crozz – The Horror! || White tube top: Tiny Tube Top White – Stigma || Thigh gun belt, arm gun band and half-jacket from Apocalyptic Punk SABOTAGE line by [AdN]

I cling to the hope of a big pot of hot stew that will last a whole week. Yes.

Your dream is cute but you need bigger dreams.

Ok. Two big pots of hot stew.

…never you mind. Leave the planning of our future to me.

I suppose it’s easy to plan the future when you’re not the one doing the dirty work?

That’s not fair. I research things for you! And I’m better at map-reading than you are!

Apocalyptica ChristmasSkin: Vera (America) – Glam Affair || Hair: Warpath – The Stringer Mausoleum || Eyes: Witch Eyes (Sadness) – IKON || Collar: ✤Innocense Collar – Diamante Jewelry || Facial Piercings – Unisex Face Piercings ~Serie Z2~ – Phoebe’s

Yes, Squire, you’re right. One day we won’t have to live like this, and I’ll make sure you’ll be the fattest, content-est, cutest Chipmunk that ever lived…


Squire the Chip Squirrel and Zee against the world

This post was a long time in planning so I hope you guys enjoyed it! Let me just run you by quickly because I think their creativity is so worth the mention.

This post revolves around the 8f8’s Apocalyptic Xmas set. I love dystopia and was deadset on getting this unusual set. I managed to collect all the commons at The Arcade but had to hunt all over the SLand for the Emergency Xmas Tree Rare. It was beginning to look like no one else played that gacha…then finally someone had one to trade on Arcade chat, so thank you, HoneyXO! You have no idea how happy you made me and if you read this, this is for you! ♥

And then Xero Tree came out with this Barrel set the same time Consignment came out with the Windmill (@ FaMESHed)…this story just fell into place. 😀 So please note, the windmill and the chair is two separate pieces! Also, keep an eye on Xero Tree…newish, but already he rocks socks. His barrel obsession is a bit worrying though…lol.

I needed a bit of attitude for a post-apocalyptic post, so I dug out my items from The Horror!, worked out well, doncha think? 😉

All the poses, except for the last one (which is self-made), is from Apple Spice called Action Poses.

Squire The Steampunk Companion Squirrel first made his debut in the story Dead City. He is my forever adventure companion now after I got him at last round’s Collabor88. It’s from !Ohmai, but the last time I was there I couldn’t find the squirrel. So maybe this was one of !Ohmai’s limited and exclusive edition product.

The Innocense Collar from Diamante Jewelry is unscripted, but if you wish to turn it into Open Collar-compatible, feel free to send a NC to Alliana Petunia and she will sort it out for you.

I think I covered everything? I’m taking a day off blogging some time this week because I’m behind on reading up on all my favourite people.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed orchestrating it. ♥


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