Lady of Winter

Is everyone else drowning in the stress of Christmas?

Because I am.

But I digress.


Anyone looking for a glorious Winter dress? Junbug’s Lady Anita might rock your pixel socks! Lady Anita is available at RMK Fair, and that TP should bring you straight to Junbug’s booth.

All of Junbug’s clothes are original mesh, and the recent releases are materials ready. I’m on Firestorm Beta nowadays and it is a materials-enabled viewer. Phwoaaarrrr, let me tell you! I thought my SLife was quite sufficient without viewing materials, thankyouverymuch, but once you have gone materials, you will never go back!

Lady Anita - Red

As usual, none of these pics are post-processed. These are taken inworld with Gwen’s Light WL so you can see materials in action. As I’m writing this, I found out that Autumn Amaranth got SL Pic of the Day, wearing this dress in green. You know you have to get this. 😀

Short post today because I’m about to go gift shopping for a list of…15 kids or so. I usually love shopping and buying presents…but not when there are 617394028 people are also doing it at the same time. 

My avi is wearing a lovely elegant dress. But my flesh-vi is wearing size XXXL Crankypants.

Sometimes, I wish for a quiet life, like the one my avi is living. LOL.

Alright, I’m off. Wish me luck and please pray for my sanity.


Dress: ✤Lady Anita – Junbug @ RMK Fair

Skin: Tara #9 – Belleza @ The Arcade Dec ’13

Hair: Sierra – Truth

Landscape: Four Seasons Enchanted Woods, V2 – Studio Skye

Lanterns: Latern “Affaire” – JoHaDeZ


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