Santa’s Workshop

Santa wants to know…have you been good this year?

Santa's WorkshopMerry Christmas Teddy Sleigh Keepsake 2013 – A&A ||  Santa’s Workshop – Alouette @ The Arcade Dec ’13

How is everyone’s Christmas shopping? I hope y’all are doing alright! A few days ago, I mentioned how I’m wearing XXL Crankypants because I have Christmas shopping to do. That was such a hellish day. When you’re trying to Christmas shop and the whole city have the same idea?


Santa's WorkshopHoliday Tree – Dysfunctional Designs || Christmas ’13 Train – 4 wagons – !! Follow US !! || Stromfield Flyer *RARE* – 11th Hour @ The Garden || Wooden toys gacha (Turtle) – Kuro @ The Garden

Dealing with traffic was bad enough. I road-raged all the way to the Mall and then raged again when there was no parking anywhere near the entrance.

The worst bit?

Santa's Workshop Kuro @ The Garden – The Fireplace, Belted Logs
Nellie Office Ladder – Second Spaces

I wasn’t even driving.

Oh, my poor, poor Man.

Santa's WorkshopTall Chest (Red) – D-Lab || Workbench – Alouette @ The Arcade Dec ’13

Let me tell you…you guys on the other side of the world with your winter and all? It’s 30 degrees Celcius over here. So imagine doing Christmas shopping in a packed Mall on high summer. Now imagine all the spots in the underground parking are all taken and you have to park waaaaaay over there, yonder, yonder, yoooondeeer and walk all the way to the Mall.

Let’s just say I muttered a lot of words that I would never say in front of my Grandma.

Santa's WorkshopKuro’s Wooden toys gacha @ The Garden – He RARE, She RARE, Miserable RARE, Aeroplane, Helicopter, Car, Sheep
Wrapping gifts – Kuro @ The Garden
Alouette @ The Arcade Dec ’13 -Workbench, Paint Cans & Ducky, Elf Toolbox
Robot RP. Tommy – Zigana (gacha instore)

However, as soon as I got into the Mall and the cold blast of airconditioning hits me square in the face, I was happy again. Why? Because we were going toy shopping!

I love buying for the kiddies in the family. They are always the most excited on Christmas morning and the happiest with their presents.

I’m going to savour this period of their life.

Santa's WorkshopChristmas’13 Snowglobe (free! Group gift) – !! Follow US !!  || BJD Collection (Earth) – Baiastice @ The Arcade Dec ’13 || BJD Collection (Radish) Baiastice @ The Arcade Dec ’13 ||  Toy Soldiers – Alouette @ The Arcade Dec ’13
O.M.E.N’s My Fairytale Gacha @ The Arcade Dec ’13  – Little Mermaid’s Undersea, Aladdin’s Palace, Beauty & Beasts Castle, Rapunzel’s Tower
ISPACHI Snow Jar Gacha @ The Garden – Santa’s Security, Gingerbread Boy, Musical Saint  RARE
decker shelf. cobalt. – junk || Robot RP . Billy – Zigana (gacha instore)

Because pretty soon they’ll be surly teenagers and then anything you buy them is not going to be the right amount of ‘cool’ anymore.

Right. Now I’m off to wrap all these pressies. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Santa’s Workshop

  1. reminiscing insomuch that I recall not having ‘fun’ shopping for a hawaiian christmas neither lol. We had like one mall on the entire island, no internets and…one mall LOL Glad you’re keeping sane xoxo

  2. I do most of my shopping online now, can’t stand fighting for parking, or that last item that everyone wants at…all cost. LOL

    • The journey wasn’t fun…but the shopping definitely was (then it was time for the Man to be cranky with the amount we spent…LOL!)

      Good luck with your shopping. ❤

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