The Gift of Giving

Very short post today, because I bet you’re panicking over gifts!

So I have finally finished Christmas gift shopping for RL, which was a huge pain. I vow every Christmas that I will do my shopping earlier, but every year I forget this vow.  Oh well.

So, who is still looking for that last minute Christmas gifts?

May I suggest a few things?


My Slink Hand, with rings from Diamante Jewelry

++TP To Diamante Jewelry++

Most of Diamante Jewelry products are transferable and each is presented in a beautiful black lacquered jewelry box. The jewelry box can be used as decoration, making it the perfect choice for gifting.

See this?

Victorian Princess - Diamante Jewelry

For a limited time (til Christmas night) the Victorian Princess ring is marked down to L$350 each so PERFECT for gifting, and at the right price!

If you’re not sure which to buy for your giftee, you can also grab the gift cards. A&A and Diamante Jewelry Giftcards are valid for both brands.  You’re effectively buying her jewelries AND fulfilling her nesting instincts. 😀

Gifting Ideas

Kuro Giftcards: Get one from Kuro mainstore and it is valid for both Kuro homestuff and Kuro in Motion poses.

!!Follow US!!: Trying to shop on a budget? Here’s a list of !! Follow Us !!’s product for under 50L on the Marketplace. To gift it to someone else, just choose “Add to Cart as Gifts”.

junk: Gifts for under 100L from junk @ the Marketplace. Again, to gift just choose “Add to Cart as Gifts”.

Need more options?

Check out Berry’s 2013 Second Life Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway (though technically, the giveaway is now closed), and also Berry’s Directory of stores with Gift Cards. If you know any other stores that are not listed there, then please add to the list and save some poor soul from sleeping in pixel doghouse. XD

There’s also a gift guide in December’s Edition of Fusion Magazine, again I found this gem courtesy of Berry, this time it was from her Plurk.

Alright, abrupt ending to a post but I’m running off to do a mad dash of SL gift buying. LOL.

Happy shopping, everyone!


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