The Sea is Bluer on The Other Side

OH. The heat.

The Sea is Bluer on the Other SideStructure: The Escape (yellow) – 22769 ~ [bauwerk]
Crate Chair Galvanized (Beige) [gacha] – Number*11 @ OMGacha! || Winter easel painting with cat (white/decor) [gacha] – !! Follow US !! @ OMGacha || ✤Barrel Small Table – Xero Tree Creations || Eva Books –Mudhoney || Harry’s Boat – Apple Fall (past gacha) || ✤Winter Berries Vase Gacha White *RARE* – ::A&A:: @ OMGacha! || Bunny Cafe {Hot Cinnamon Cider} – Birdy @ OMGacha! || ✤Flushing bowl – Kuro || Oolong Teacup Planter Vanda Orchid (Yellow) – ARIA (gacha item)

Today is one of those days where I forget how cold winter was, and concentrate instead of whingeing about how hot this summer is. It’s 27.7 degrees now (81.8F) and no amount of airconditioning is making up for this humidity.

Everything Points Towards the Sun

✤Flushing bowl – Kuro  || Oolong Teacup Planter Vanda Orchid (Yellow) – ARIA (gacha)

Times like these, I wished I had a seaside getaway. I’ve been indoors and yet I feel my face is parched and sunburnt…

Sitting on Hazard is a One Way Street

Salty Boat Bar – Cheeky Pea @ The Men’s Dept ||  ✤recycled road sign chair. one way. – junk @ The Men’s Dept || ✤recycled road sign chair. hazard. – junk @ The Men’s Dept

At time of writing, a severe storm is making its way towards my shore. My state is well known for getting hazardous hailstorms and the weather warnings have been on a roll today. I’m worried, of course. I hate storms at the best of times. But I’m not going to lie. After all this heat, I’m welcoming the thought of a stormy but cool evening.

Sleepin' Around with Books & Words

book stack bed-tarte ||  wall paper-floorplan ||  Repurposed Door Shelves – Alouette

I hear you guys over on the other side is gearing for minus zero weather? Perhaps we could trade. A bit of my heat for a bit of your coolness?

Sketches On Sunset

craft room – paints – Second Spaces (gacha) || Sketchbook – PILOT & JIM || Deer Paintbrush Holder – +Half-Deer+ || ✤toulon screen. sky. – junk

Human nature, eh? Never appreciative of what is in front of us.

In four months time, I’ll whinge about the cold instead.

But right now? Right now, I’m enjoying the storm.


4 thoughts on “The Sea is Bluer on The Other Side

  1. Today’s temp is -6 c, (20 F) with light snow, high winds, and a low expected to be around -14 c, (6 F). Definitely below the norm for where I live in the states! No complaints though, I’d rather have it cold than the sweltering humid summers here, (85-105 F, or 29-40 c). In four months it’ll be summer, so I’m enjoying the cold while it lasts! 😀

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