The Raw Nostalgia of an Instant Crush

OK. I suck at giving titles to posts. But here…


…BAM! My hiney.


Like my new butt? I’ve been a bit low on the SLelf-esteem lately and I was worried I’d be losing my SLugar Daddy, so I went to the SLurgeon and she gave me a new butt.

Don’t lose your SLugar Daddy to another tarty hiney; you too can go under the Junbug knife and get this butt in several different colours, like so!

Instant Crush...Clicken to embiggen!

Ooooooh, the sheer decadence of this dress! Junbug is the Guest Designer for Collabor88 this round, and the “Instant Crush” dress, available in 7 sinful colours.

In addition to the dresses, there are clutches (not shown here) and fur wraps to be had.

Vintage Fur WrapClicken to embiggen!

It’s chilly out there. These fur wraps clasped with the dainty little flower brooch is the perfect way to keep your dainty chest warm on the way to the opera. Because keeping warm with coats and hiding that butt is unacceptable.


But you know what is more than acceptable though? For the duration of C88, the dress is priced at 188L and the fur wrap for 88L. You can’t argue with that price when it will make you look eight million pixelbucks!

Collabor88 opens on January 8th, so this limo won’t be able to take you there til then. In the meantime, I’ll just leave it parked here for your convenience, eh? Happy shopping!

++Collabor88 January 2014: Raw Nostalgia++

Collared Crush


Skin: Holly – Belleza

Hair: Denee – TRUTH

Eyes: Perspective Eyes in Quicksilver – IKON

Lashes: Eyelash tattoo – LDG

Lipstick: Song Lipgloss #9 – Essences

Collars: Innocense Collar – Diamante Jewelry

Pose #1: Gown Pose 009 – Musa

Pose #2: My Summer 1 – YoGa Poses


6 thoughts on “The Raw Nostalgia of an Instant Crush

  1. omgoodness!! hahaha You made me snort my coffee. *I hope no one in the cubes around me heard it* O.o 😀 funny post and I think I need to take my tee-niney hiney over there so I can get me a SLugar Daddy too! Um, do they come in the box also? Or do I have to hit one in the ‘ead with a club?

    • Men of the sugared paternity variety are sold separately. When you find one, kindly let me know? 😀 Everything at C88 this round is sooo lovely, my poor poor SLPurse. :O

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