New Year Meme

Purple Sunrise
**Raw Photo Here**
Structure: Sparrow Hill Lodge – Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88
Nostaglia Bed Pewter/Gold – Scarlet Creative @ Collabor88 || Astrid Chair Hot Pink – Trompe Loeil @ Collabor88 || ✤Kira floorlamp (Bold) – Kuro || travelling trunk bench – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || ✤cushion pile. english garden. one. – junk ||  Aisling Reading Pile – DIGS || endtable / neutral – floorplan || Classic Typewriter_Red – *KOPI* || wall paper – floorplan || Origami Birds – Apple Fall || ✤Beautiful Soul – ::A&A:: || papercrane mobile/baroque – vespertine || Polka dot curtain – INK || ✤Vintage Travel Cases – Arcana @ The Kollective || Crawford Vanity Set (vanity, mirror, wall hook & slip, stool)- Lark @ Collabor88 || nostalgic chandelier / gold – floorplan @ Collabor88 ||
It’s that time of the week again! Ok, so I have the wrong day of the week but better late than never. Right?

Berry’s New Year Meme

How did you spend New Year’s Eve? Hanging out with my nearest and dearest. ^_^ We had grand plans to stay up late, greet the New Year and party…but everyone was in bed before midnight. We’re showing our age! However, it was lovely to wake up on New Year’s Day, instead of ‘coming to’, if you get my drift. It was a lovely time.

Did you keep any new years’ resolutions? I’m sure I made some sort of resolutions at the beginning of last year…but the fact that I don’t remember what they were should tell you how well I have kept it.

What was your biggest achievement(s) of the year? My biggest achievement in 2013 was to not achieve at all. I have a Type A personality and a wee bit on the workaholic side. In 2012, I felt completely burnt out and at one point escalated to 3 days of insomnia that made me unable to drive safely. So, that was a wake up call (HA!). I decided to calm down and slow down.  The idea of a whole year of ‘achieving nothing’ was truly, absolutely, immensely scary. I am not used to waking up in the morning and…not having anywhere to go and anything to do. It was a very strange time for me and I did have a wee bit of emotional crisis. But I learnt to pace myself and TRY to just lay back. Still a working progress!

In SL? Creativity unleashing is an achievement. Getting SL Pic of The Day twice (this and this), and particularly because both pics were raw, inworld pics. Getting into Arcade on Opening Day. Fighting the lag of C88. LOL! But on a serious note?

This blog. You guys.

Meeting wonderful, talented people through blogging. That is perhaps my favourite SL achievement. ^__^

**Raw Photo Here**
Sleepy Italian Greyhound – Half-Deer @ The Garden || ✤cushion pile. english garden. one. – junk || Vintage Sewing Machine – Kuro || Aisling Wicker Storage – DIGS|| Crawford Hat Boxes – Lark @ Collabor88 ||  cube pouffe.greyhound – junk || Get Well Soon – PILOT || Cuddly Tissue Box (Heart) – Half Deer

What was the best thing you bought? Our second dog. Technically, we didn’t buy him. We got him free from a cousin. But just like how his ‘elder sister’ was the best present of 2012, the little puppy was the best present in 2013. In SL? Bright Inventory Box. I swear by it. I think everyone should get one. One day I’ll let you guys know why it is so important to my SLife!

What do you wish you’d done more of? In RL, I wish I had slept more and be able to stay asleep for more than 4 hours at a time. This has been my wish for…oh, 15 years now, maybe? Sigh. In SL…perhaps travel more to experience other Residents creativity.

What do you wish you’d done less of? Spend a whole lot of money on toys for my pooches. After all that, my Mastiff is only ever concerned with this random thick piece of rope, and the Cattle Dog is only interested in his Jolly Pet Teaser Ball. If you’re curious, here’s a link to it in Amazon. Don’t worry, I don’t have affiliate linking so you can click with confidence. ^_^ You cannot imagine how focused my little dog is when it comes to that ball. Hours of fun!

In SL, I wish I had done less shopping. I’m racking way too many houses, structures and skyboxes that I could possibly use. This year, maybe I’ll spend less. HAHAHAHA WHO ARE WE KIDDING, RIGHT?

Vanity Corner
**Raw Photo Here**
Crawford Vanity Set (vanity, mirror, wall hook & slip, stool)- Lark @ Collabor88 Nostalgia Jewelry Box – MishMish@ Collabor88 || Aisling Skincare – DIGS || teatree lotion – vespertine || sheabutter lotion – vespertine

What was your favorite movie you watched this year? The Desolation of Smaug! Well, hello there, Thorin Oakenshield…my name is Zee. How you doin’, you sexy piece of dwarven booty, you!

What did you do on your birthday this last year? I hid. I turned 28 last year and had a sudden complex about getting old, so I went under the radar. I made my FB private to everyone a few days prior. I skipped town to spend time with my Man (working in another town) and basically made myself out of reach off everyone else. I pretty much worried my whole circle of friends! Yeah, I’ve got issues. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have done that because my friends were either 1) panicking about my whereabouts or 2) offended, thinking I’m having a super secret celebration that excludes them.

Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned. 1) Don’t buy expensive clothes when you have an affectionate drooling breed of dog, like, say, a Mastiff and 2) if you buy a cattle dog crossbreed, be prepared to walk it 6 billion times a day plus playtime in order for it to be a happy, healthy, fulfilled and satisfied dog. Or get a Jolly Toy and let it figure out the toy all day. Best dog toy ever.

What does 2014 hold for you? More sleep. That is all I need in my life.


10 thoughts on “New Year Meme

  1. Holy crap, that bright inventory box thing you linked to looks amazing! I think I might have to pick that up. Also, you’re only 28??? I thought you were older cuz you seem so much wiser than me. 😛 Happy new year Zee! ❤

  2. Excellent read. I had a “closet” once. I was just too unruly and undisciplined to make use of it. 😉 I should try again. For now I just stuff things that are stuff able, into a prim cube. Not nearly as nice or search able ♡

    • That is what I love about Bright Box! I use mine mostly as a HUD so you can choose things from the menu. But calling things out works too. 😀 Cannot SLive without it ❤

  3. First of all, the Nostalgia Bed looks spectacular must bust through the lag to get it.. Second of all, Thorin = hummina humminaaa ^^ (didn’t Kili look like a dwarven version of Keanu Reeves? rawr) and thirdly, our babies are worth spoiling! I miss having a doggy/puppy/bestie around here, its been too long

    • Thorin can Oaken my Shield. *cough**winkwink*

      Sometimes I forget my babies are just dogs and they are happiest around me. I buy them stuff though…to make up for being at work during the day. *sniffs* Not that they care, seems like my shoes are fun-ner toys.

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