A Day in Hilda’s Life

A woman’s life is never easy at any age in time.


Wake up in the morning to milk the cows and clean up around the stables.

Wait, that is not a cow.

What is that? I can’t milk that!

Minding The Stalls

And then there is that ‘minding-the-stall’ for when your menfolks are away raiding and pillaging (good riddance, he was starting to get all beard-y and smelly).

Not being fishy here, people.

Serving at the Tavern

And when they return at nightfall, you are expected to serve them even after a whole day of working. What do you think I do all day while you’re out raiding, send smoke signals to Brunhilda over at the other side?


Oh? You brought home a pendant you snatched from some poor wench at some other village? It’s beautiful!

Alright, I’m appeased.

I’m in a funny mood today, sorry. 😛 

In case anyone is interested, the location is Old World. It’s a huge store for medieval/roleplay/Gor items and it is beautiful!


Dress: ✤Hilda’s Kirtle – Junbug

Hair: Meschell – ploom

Necklace: ✤Moonlit Brooch Necklace – Diamante Jewelry

Location: Old World 


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