Terra Australis Incognita

Cooper’s Creek,
27 June 1861

My Dear Father,

These are probably the last lines you will ever get from me. We are on the point of starvation not so much from absolute want of food, but from the want of nutriment in what we can get.

Terra Incognita


I find I must close this, that it may be planted but I will write some more, although it has not so good a chance of reaching you as this. You have great claims on the committee for their neglect. I leave you in sole charge of what is coming to me. The whole of my money I desire to leave to my sisters; other matters I pass over for the present.

Terra Incognita

Adieu, my dear Father. Love to Tom.
W. J. Wills

PS. I think to live about four or five days.

My religious views are not the least changed and I have [not] the least fear of their being so.

My spirits are excellent.

Terra Incognita

This is an excerpt from a letter William John Wills wrote to his father, as he lay dying from malnutrition. Wills (together with Burke and King), was part of the tragic expedition to cross from Melbourne to the Gulf Of Carpenteria.

You too should make an expedition. The new round of The Garden is now open, and the theme for this round is Northern Lights. ^_^

And from me in the land of Aurora Australis (Southern Lights), I bid thee happy shopping!


  • Northern tipi, fur rug, Ski (decor) and Watching Lights (decor) [sold separately]- Kuro @ The Garden
  • upcycled birdcage lamp, double book lamp.2, tripod lamp [sold separately] – junk @ The Garden
  • explorers desk (RARE), compass, jar mug, mini jars – gacha items from oyasumi @ The Seasons Story
  • blanket storage crate – floorplan @ The Seasons Story
  • Bird Nerd – Book & Binoculars – Lark (no longer available)
  • Kepler Telescope – LISP
  • Anciant map scroll with sealing wax (6 maps texture change) – LDG
  • Butterfly Love Gacha – Clear – RARE – ::A&A:: gacha
  • Bare Camp Fire – 11th Hour (gacha)
  • Pine Ridge Campfire, Pot-Soup and Kettle – {what next}

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