Amid the Falling Snow

Amid the Falling Snow – Enya

How I remember sleepless nights
When we would read by candlelight,
And on the windowpane outside
A new world made of snow;

Stone Cold Bridge

A million feathers falling down,
A million stars that touch the ground,
So many secrets to be found
Amid the falling snow.


Maybe I am falling down.
Tell me should I touch the ground?
Maybe I won’t make a sound
In the darkness all around.


The silence of a winter’s night
Brings memories I hold inside;
Remembering a blue moonlight
Upon the fallen snow.

Aren’t the pictures pretty? These are not my work, it is the work of my ‘twin’, Beauty. Isn’t she amazing? She loves visiting sims and taking pics, and I’ve been trying to convince her to write a few words here to accompany her amazing pictures…but she is feeling a bit shy. Pry her out of her shell, she is on Flickr and also on Facebook. \(^o^)/

Thank you for the pics, twin!

I wrote about Crystal Oak Falls when the parcel was in ‘Autumn’ and took some pictures there too. If you guys think it was beautiful in Autumn, wait til you see the Winter! It’s lovely and there are a lot of romantic spots around; you should definitely grab your paramour and have a winter date.

The Winter build is open until the end of January and after that I’m not sure if Melinda plans to redecorate or just closed up her parcel again to get some privacy. Pretty sure she is sick of that skybox now while everyone traipsing all over her land. ^__^

++TP to Crystal Oak Falls++


5 thoughts on “Amid the Falling Snow

  1. Fantastic work on the photos! 🙂 I’ll be keeping Crystal Oak Falls open for a while past the end of January with the winter build, Probably through mid February. I’ll post more info soon. 😀

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