Vi Dýr Ennui

Written by J.R.R. Tolkien in Elvish, translated by ‘Tinw’, here.

Hummingbird Balance

 Vi dýr ennui nu Anor
Ned echuir lyth eriar
I yrn ethuiwar, nin nurar
Ar aew verin linnar.
In western lands beneath the Sun
In spring, flowers rise,
The trees bud, waters run,
And the merry little birds sing.

Zebra Ballet

Ennas dû alfanui
A ferin ‘irith gerir
I elenath, viriath fain,
Vi finnel gelfib dîn
There it is cloudless night
And shuddering beeches hold
The starry host, the white jewels,
On their branching hair.

Musing Stallion

Sí na veth bâden im derel
Vi dúath dofn tummen.
Atham meraid velig a tynd
Athan eryd bain beraidh
Here at my path’s end I am lingering
In deep darkness buried.
Beyond towers strong and high
Beyond all mountains steep

Galloping Giraffe

Or ‘waith bain nura Anor
A panlû elin cuinar
Ú-pedithon ‘i-aur gwann’
Egor nai îl ‘namarië’.
Above all shadows rides the Sun
And stars always dwell.
I will not say ‘The day is done’
Or to the stars ‘farewell’.

Peace of the Sea

Take me with you to Tol Eressëa…


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Dress Pose
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