A freebie you shouldn’t SLive without: Bright Teleport HUD

Psst! There’s another freebie you shouldn’t SLive without: the Camera Control HUD! Trust me on this, everytime I give away this HUD to others, they froth. So froth with us. Froth your SLife. 

Ok, ok, I get it. You guys are here because Berry sent you over to look up Bright Inventory Box.

I promise I’ll be writing that up tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow! But before I do that, let me first tell you about another awesomesauce freebie from Bright Corporation. FREEBIE GADGET!

Bright Teleporter HUD

Get your free copy!

The name says it all. It’s a TP HUD. Now, why would one need a TP HUD? You don’t, really. But you kinda do. Because of reasons. Since this blog is all about substance and reasons *cough*, here are my reasons:

  1. I hate LMs in my Inventory and usually deletes ’em straightafter….
  2. …but I dislike looking things up in search because I have a lazy pixel ass…
  3. …and especially having to look SLurls in Search when I have to credit something; that is even more pain in the pixel derriere!

Such tragic conundrum plagues my SLife at every pixel moment, it’s amazing I even manage to SLive at all.

You get it here. And I could leave it at that, send you on your way to fumble around your new gadget. But I’m not that kind of person. I will take a few moments of my SLife to present to you, visually, how to do it. Because I understand the hatred of reading Notecards when you just want to get on with your SLife.

I’m so heroic and giving, I make myself cry.

I’ll cry later. Right now, I need to tend to you lovely flock, like the Zeesus I am.

How to load it

 If your Bright Teleporter HUD is brand spanking new from the box, it will come preloaded with 30 LMs to Bright Corporation sites. You can choose to keep this, or if you want to clean it up, simply type /2 delete all to empty your HUD. 

Loading your HUD is super simple.

  1. Wear the HUD.
  2. Drag and drop your LMs into the HUD.
  3. How much more simpler can it get, right?

Loading the Bright Teleporter HUD

For the more curious of minds, this is what is under the HUD (when you check contents):

Under the HUD

How to Use it

When you want to TP somewhere, all you have to do is type a command on the /2 channel. Let’s say I want to go to Apple Fall. So I type /2 apple in Local Chat and as you can see, there are a few places with ‘apple’ in the HUD and so it will give you a menu (picture 1). If there are no multiples though, it will just bring up the map (picture 2).

HUD in Action

Worried about script count? Way ahead of you! Here’s the count from another favourite Gadget of mine: Dvandva Avatar Script Monitor.

Bright Teleport HUD Script Count

By the way, I should note that I don’t use my AO as a HUD. I need my UI as tidy as my workspace; screen clutter drives me nuts. My AOs and dances are loaded into my Firestorm, so my script count is hardly ever atrocious to begin with.

One day, I’ll show you how to do this, or better still, learn to do it now by watching this YouTube tutorial from Zoha IslandsSL: Importing your AO into Firestorm Viewer Interface – Zoha IslandSL YouTube.

Awright. I’ll let you get used to this HUD before I finally, at long last, blog the Bright Inventory Box I’ve been singing praises about. 😀


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