Berry’s SL Helpful Tools Meme: Bright Inventory Box

OHAI GUISE. Guess what?

Finally finished the first part for Berry’s Helpful Tools Meme!

I’ll be talking exclusively about the Bright Inventory Box thingie that I keep mentioning. \(^o^)/

MZee Hamster explains Bright Inventory Box

And also because Berry sent you over specifically for that, so let’s not waste any more of your time and let’s get on with it, shall we?

★★The Bright Inventory Box, L$600 @ Marketplace★★

Why Do I Need The Bright Inventory Box (BIB)?

Because it is the duck’s nuts, that’s why.

So let say you bought that fatpack hair as you are wont to do, because, hello fashionista!

Such Fehshun, Much Wow

And let us say this fatpack contains 10 hairs of assorted colours. When this hair is last week’s pixel and you have updated your style with the latest hair the grid is frothing after, you box up the previous fatpack hairs and take it into inventory. It make sense and it is a great method: when you reduce 10 items in your inventory into 1 prim item.

But then one day you’re rocking this outfit and the blonde coloured one will look great on this setup. So you TP home or to a Sandbox for rezzing rights, rezz that boxed hair, open it and boom, 10 hairs in your inventory. When you only needed the ONE. Now you have to delete all the other damn hairs except the blonde one.

Yeah man, First World Problem in Second Life. It’s real, people.

Do I really need it?

  • If you’re an official blogger for multiple brands, especially fashion ones sending FATPACKS of every single release…then yes, you definitely need this.
  • If you’re a shopaholic, you need this.
  • If your L$ resources is endless and you buy fatpacks with abandon, you need this.
  • If you are a creator with Objects folder filled with Mesh01, Plane0.01, Object, Object, Object and Object…well, save yourself the sanity…you need this. (Also, rename your objects before taking copies…-_-)

So, again, what is it?

Basically, the BIB is a scripted prim. The script enables you to ‘call out’ your items from the BIB. So you only wanted the blond hair? Simple. Just type /500 blonde and the box will dispense only the blond hair into your Inventory, keeping the rest of your hairs out of trouble. (/500 being the default channel, you can always change that. For example, channel /69 for your naughty items. Hey, just a suggestion, mmkay?).

Don’t remember the channel number? Don’t worry. Click on the BIB and it will give you a menu.

The Bright Inventory Box HUD: How To

You get a variety of boxes you can use, but for this first part, I’m going to show you how I use my BIB as a HUD. I almost always use the HUD method because that means I can ‘call’ out my items anywhere script enabled. And because I’m a visual learner, I am better at explaining things visually…so…here are some piccies!

The first time you use the Bright Inventory Box HUD, you must first rezz it inworld to load it.

I have this set of alphabets from Apple Fall called the Industry Letter. 26 alphabets + 1 notecard. That’s 27 things in my Inventory! Therefore…

Put ALL these...

Into This One Thing Here

Remember to Rename if you Can

Note: Where possible, always choose to shorten your item(s) name. You’ll see why later.

Load your HUD

Select the items you want to ‘drop’ into your BIB-HUD. Quick multi-item selection (Windows):

  • Click on your first item
  • Hold the ‘Shift’ key
  • Click on your last item

Multi Selecting Items

  •  Hold the ‘CTRL’ key and drag your highlighted items to the box.
  • If you do it right, the box will glow red. Only then can you release it.
  • (Alternative way: Right click BIB-HUD–>go into ‘Edit’ mode–>’Contents’–>Drag items into ‘Contents’)

Dropping Things Into your BIB-HUD

  • Done! Your items are loaded into the HUD.
  • ‘Take’ your BIB HUD into inventory.

Remember to rename your HUD before you take it back into inventory! I always add [BRIGHT HUD] at the end of the name so that I remember to ‘Wear/Add’ instead of rezz.

Rename your HUD

Setting It as Your HUD

Basically, any prim can be set as HUD. The operating word here is ‘set’. It must be ‘set’ as a HUD before it automatically becomes one.

This is what will happen if you choose ‘Wear’ or ‘Add’ before setting the BIB-HUD to HUD:

What happens if you choose  'Wear'

You will end up wearing the box on your Right Hand. So, to set the HUD as a…erm…HUD:

Setting it to HUD

To Use It

This is my screen with the BIB-HUD on. Without the HUD, the only other HUDs on my screen are the Camera Control HUD and the Bright Teleporter HUD. No cluttering because ohm mane padme huuuum

My Screen w/ BIB-HUD

Now, let’s retrieve our item!

  1. Click on the HUD and select what you want from the menu, OR Call out the item by the channel, in this case /500 A
  2. The HUD has retrieved your item, accept or discard?
  3. Find it in the Objects folder. (Read more below)

Use it!

Objects (prim/mesh/mesh-clothing) are usually dispensed into the ‘Objects’ folder. If your Objects folder is a bottomless pit, use the ‘Recent’ tab to locate your item. (It is a good idea to keep that folder clean, by the way!).

Otherwise, everything else will be dispensed to the default LL folder. Skins will go to Body Parts, Poses will go to Animations, Scripts will go to Scripts folder etc. Maybe there’s a way around this, but I haven’t tried nor am I too fussed about it.

Extra! Extra! 

One last bit before I end this first part. Remember I said to rename/shorten name wherever possible? Because if you don’t:


Alright, I’ll stop here for now in case this is already TL/DR. I certainly hope this was easier to read than my first draft. >_<

Tomorrow, or day after, I’ll show you guys another way of using the BIB. Seriously, the possibilities are endless with this thing…so why not just grab one and try it for yourself?

Updated: On the Matter of No-Copy Items

How fast do you guys read? Not 10 minutes passed before I get IMs. XD

Alright, so will it work with No Copy item?

Yes. But use with caution. As is the nature of No-Copy item, any prim you put No Copy items in becomes No-Copy itself. If you use the HUD method to load No-Copy items, it still works the same way. But whenever you ‘call’ out your No-Copy item from the BIB-HUD, then this item will ‘transfer’ itself into your Inventory. In other words, it will no longer be in your HUD.

And then once you’re finished with using that No Copy item, you will then have to remember to re-load the HUD like the above method. How tedious! So the easier way to do this is not to use it for No-Copy.

I hope this make sense!


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