Re: Bright Inventory Box

So guys, a post explaining the Bright Inventory Box is taking longer than expected. I ran the draft by a friend to ask if my manual made sense…and well, apparently it does but it’s frustrating to read.

So I’m tweaking the post, because at the moment it is spanning to two pages (WHICH SHOULDN’T HAPPEN!). Need to keep it simple and sweet because the main reason I’m doing this is so you don’t have to read Notecards. Because I hate reading Notecards inworld. With a passion.

So bear with me for a few hours, or at the latest for another day.

Rest assured though I am working on this thing. I just want to make it in a way that it is easy to understand, in as little steps as possible.

It’ll come out soon enough. ♥♥


Penny for your thoughts?

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