The Merriest Harlot


“Proper she was and fair…yet delighted not men so much in her beauty, as in her pleasant behaviour.  For a proper wit had she, and could both read well and write, merry of company, ready and quick of answer, neither mute nor full of babble, sometimes taunting without displeasure and not without disport.”  

 Charles Ross describing Jane Shore in Richard III.


No particular reason to use that verse other than I’m suddenly reminded of Jane Shore while I was dressing up. Jane Shore was one of the most longest serving royal courtesan in history, she was most famously the mistress of Edward IV.

The first round of Fantasy Gacha Fest of 2014 is just within reach!

Who is excited? 😀

The Hawk & The Lion

FGC officially opens on 1st February and yhere are just too many pretty things up for grabs, so I suggest everyone save up that pixel coins to throw into the gacha slots. 😀

Here are some of the items you can look forward to. Since it is not opened yet, I can’t publish the SLurls, but it will be updated once the venue opens.

Fantasy Gacha Festival
February 2014

Dress: ✤M’Lady in Earth *RARE* – Junbug @ FGC
Bracelet, Left: Aaliyah Bracelet Wolf Golden – Luas @ FGC
Bracelet, Right: Aaliyah Bracelet Hawk Golden – Luas @ FGC
Headdress: Dame de Lys RARE – Remarkable Oblivion @ FGC
Neckpiece: ✤My Lord’s Gorget  – Junbug @ FGC
Manicure: Knotwork Gold (Slink applier only) – Wicked Peach @ FGC
Skin: Holly Skin – Belleza
Eyes: Perspective Eyes Quicksilver – IKON

P.S: Pardon the very short post, but I just got my laptop back and I have a lot to catch up to after only 2 days. >_<


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