An Artist’s Hideaway

Please give me a moment while I cry.

Artist Hideaway

Art Cabin – Scarlet Creative || Enchanted Woods V2 – Studio Skye || Latern “Affaire” – -JoHaDeZ-

Nearly a week ago, my laptop finally gave up on me and decided I have had enough fun. I was on SL for a grand total of 3 minutes before it went kaput.

How was I sure it was 3 minutes?

Because I was also microwaving a 3 minute frozen pizza.

Artist Hideaway

Some Quality Time (Cube Chair & Espresso Trunk) – 22769 ~ [bauwerk] || Roux Coffee Station – Cheeky Pea || Roux Coffee Shelf – Cheeky Pea || Simplistic Little Hutch – Dysfunctional Designs || ✤Life Rules Wall Hanging – A&A || Mont Blanc Owl Clock Green – Atelier Visconti (gacha) || Cass’s Earring Board (Natural) – Cheeky Pea || ✤round rug. chevron – junk

(Don’t judge! I work full time ok! Also, because I like pepperoni.)

Thankfully, I had a tech whiz cousin who was staying over for the long weekend and so I bullied persuaded him to look at my laptop for me. He also allowed me to SL with his precious Alienware machine so I could do FLF while he grumbled at my absolute lack of care towards my own poor old machine. I was so awed by a well-maintained and proper gaming laptop…I was zipping effortlessly around the grid on Ultra with everything enabled!!!

Artist Hideaway

✤Vintage Dreams Bed – Kuro @ The Theme Park|| ✤Life Rules Wall Hanging – A&A || Row of Books B (Decorated) – {what next} || Fortune Cat – MishMish || Cuddly Tissue Box –+Half-Deer+|| Mont Blanc Owl Clock Green (gacha) – Atelier Visconti || Cass’s Earring Board (Natural) – Cheeky Pea || ✤Vintage Travel Cases Arcana || blanket storage crate – floorplan @ The Seasons Story || nautical chest – floorplan || Nostalgia Jewelry Box – MishMish || ✤Vintage lamp – Kuro @ The Theme Park|| Bon Voyage – Memo Board (Traveled) – tres blah (gacha) || Crail Bookcase – Cheeky Pea || [Owl] photo holder – gold – Sway’s || WallArt [Life is like photography] – Sway’s

Anyway, these pics were taken the day before my laptop had its’ triple bypass surgery, and I only managed to use it now…because, well, I erm…sorta just found these now.

Like, 5 minutes ago.

Artist Hideaway

Artists Desk – Apple Fall || antique table – Picnic || Winter easel painting with cat (white/decor) – !! Follow US !!

I am a neat freak. You see all this clutter I rezz inworld? Yeah, I can’t have that in RL even though I secretly love the ‘artistic interior clutter’ look. In the same way, I cannot have clutter on my screen. But at the same time, when it comes to all things computer, I am way too laidback. The ‘look’ of my screen is neat, but look inside it and you will see it is anything but. 

I have this thing where I stick files anywhere they 1) happen to land or 2) in any randomly named folders in another randomly named folders tucked within some other randomly named folders.

I also have a habit of not naming my SL pics…I have about 60+ pics called ‘Snapshot’ in here. OMAIGAWD.

Artist Hideaway

artistic supplies – {vespertine} || ✤round rug. chevron junk

So I had no idea where these pictures were…and you can imagine how happy I got when I finally found it!

I guess this weekend is Laptop Spring Cleaning weekend…

Would thee pray for my sanity?

Say ‘aye’, good friends!


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