Living the “East & West” Life

In an hour, Lunar Year of The Water Snake will give way to Lunar Year of The Wooden Horse. 🙂 I thought this will be a good opportunity to share with you guys some of the beliefs and superstitions we have.

My brother and I were brought up the ‘Western’ way, raised with contemporary Western ideals. However, certain superstitions are so deep-rooted that you cannot change them, even when you don’t believe in them. I’m not sure if I actually believe in every traditions we have, but I have never done it any other way to test the theory, you know? And it’s good to have rituals, no matter how nonsensical.

Gong Xi Fa Cai

For example, one thing you should NEVER do on the first day of Chinese New Year is clean up. This is symbolically you ‘sweeping away’ the good fortunes of the year. The same way you need to clean everything the day before Chinese New Year, to get rid of bad chi!

What if you were raised in a household that believes in Feng Shui like it is their religion? Your mother sends you monthly email reminders of the Flying Star. What’s a Flying Star? That is beyond the scope of this blog (translation: I don’t believe in it 100% so I can’t be bothered to explain it), but here is the Flying Star for this year.

Overwhelmed yet? Welcome to my East-West life. LOL

What is your sign’s luck for the Year of the Wooden Horse? Is it a grim outlook for you this Year? Don’t worry about it. Unlike most ‘luck’ belief system, we Chinese have this Trinity of Luck concept: Tian Yun (Heaven Luck), Di Yun (Earth Luck) and Ren Yun (Man Luck). Heaven luck is what you were born with, Earth luck is the Feng Shui and Man Luck is…YOU. The effort and initiative you put in your own life determines your Man Luck and can either lessen or magnify the impact of your Heaven & Earth luck. So basically? You are in control of your own life, so take advantage of it. 😀

Whether you believe it or not, dear readers, I do wish you a happy and prosperous Year of The Horse ahead.

Gong Xi Fatt Chai!


Note: Some of these items will only be available for Chinese New Year Festival (CNYF). I have provided the TP here but you may not be able to access the site until it officially opens to the public on 31st Jan.

The Body

The Interior


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